• Scaffolding
  • Splitting mauls


  • Commercial door knobs
  • Universal key system
  • 300 yards of topsoil
  • Plastic tarps

Tanks a lot

(No it’s not a spelling mistake)

Camp needs some tanks. 

·        Our gasoline and diesel tanks have been declared unusable because they are old single wall tanks. 

·        As part of the new well development we are looking for a reservoir tank to use in the disinfection system (chlorine).  Our preference would be a large (1000 US gallon plus) stainless steel tank however; plastic, concrete or fiberglass tanks would also serve the purpose. 

So why are we telling you this?  We have found in past that the vast “Crow family” have some amazing connections and when we let everyone know what things we are looking for they amazingly turn up. 

We know that God knows where there is a tank.  Can you help us find it?  


  • HP 3600DN printer ink (any colour)