Aug 16 to Aug 21


Boys, ages 12 - 13

Mountian Site camps offer the same excitement and similar activities that campers have come to expect from camps held at the main site but occur in wilderness location. One distinctive is that there are no outtrips.  The Mountian site camping brings you closer to the great outdoors, as our traditional out trips do, and yet allows such luxuries as home-cooked meals and simple bathrooms.  It is a relaxed and close knit setting, with a maximum of 20 campers.   Campers get involved in any number of the following activities; hiking, playing games in a meadow, survival skills, nature study, crafts, sauna building, star gazing, etc.

Limit: 20 - 30 campers

Volunteer needs

45%positions filled
Position # needed
Cabin Leaders (Male)  4

Position                             # needed
Program Director                      0
Speaker 1
Nurse 1
Head Cook 0
Cooks 2
Dining Room/Dish Pit 1
Child Care 2
Facilities  1
Worship Coodinator  1
Mutimedia  1

Updated Mar 4, 2020