Aug 24 to Aug 30


Co-ed, ages 14 - 17

Mountain Senior offers the same excitement and similar activities that campers have come to expect from camps held at the main site but occur in a smaller and more rustic setting. One distinctive is that there are no outtrips. It is a relaxed and close knit setting, and campers get involved in any number of the following activities; hiking, playing games in a meadow, survival skills, nature study, crafts, sauna building, star gazing, etc. Come enjoy summer days together and the simple pleasures of the great outdoors; crystal clear water from the creek, nature studies, hiking and the glow of the campfire underneath a star-filled sky. 

Limit: 20 - 30 campers

Volunteer needs

50%positions filled
Position # needed
Cabin Leaders (Male) 3
Cabin Leaders (Female) 2
Position                            # needed

Program Director                   0
Speaker 0
Nurse 1
Head Cook 1
Cooks 2
Dining Room/Dish Pit 1
Child Care 1
Facilities  1
Worship Coodinator  0
Mutimedia  1

Updated Mar 4, 2020