Aug 9 to Aug 18


Co-ed, ages 14-17

The intent of our program for this age group is to provide a challenging experience. Each camper will participate in eight hours of instruction in one option activity of their choice and four hours of instruction in a second activity of their choice. The wilderness out trip is three nights in length and consists of a wilderness route and activity which will stretch campers in all aspects of growth including the spiritual, physical, mental/intellectual, social and emotional areas.

Limit: 70 campers

Volunteer needs

42%positions filled
Position # needed
Cabin Leaders (Female) 8
Cabin Leaders (Male) 8
Head Cabin Leaders 2
Outtrip Directors 3

Position                              #needed
Program Director 1
Speaker 1
Nurse 0
Head Cook 1
Cooks 5
Dietary Cook 0
Dining Room 1
Dish Pit 1
Child Care 2
Facilities  1
Worship Coodinator  1
Mutimedia  1

Updated Dec 20, 2019