Leadership Retreat 

March 27-29, 2020

 This is a very important weekend for us (you the leaders and us the full time staff) as a team to start the process of preparing for the summer together. This weekend is a wonderful opportunity to build into each other and your programs. Many of you have years of experience that would be very beneficial to pass along to those who may not have as much.

We ask that you have an up-to-date Program Directors Manual or Speakers Manual  and that you read them thoroughly, the meat of the training is from these. Feel free to connect with us at volunteer@crowcamp.ca  and we will forward you an electronic copy of any manual you wish to receive.

This training weekend will cover some of the information that has typically been covered and some that has not.


Possible sessions for 2020 could include:

• Introduction, Camp philosophy and Statement of faith

• Goals and Measurements

• Small team leadership

• Registration and Administration

• Culture and Volunteers

• Director of Camping discussion

• Facilities

• Site specific breakout sessions

• Training weekend feedback

• We also have a block of time that we have left open for you, for things that would be beneficial to you or what you think should be included in this weekend.

• There will also be a large chunk of time for program development which you will be able to use to ask us questions about your programs, bounce ideas off of the other directors/speakers, for those at the lake site you can start selling your program to the COLTS and get them thinking about outtrip ideas that fit with your theme, etc.