All About WELS

At Crow, we believe worship is a lifestyle, not merely the twenty minute musical interlude between announcements and the sermon. WELS investigates the meaning of true worship and what we can learn from the many different expressions of worship in scripture and in the experience of Christians from the time of Jesus until now. We will study what God has said about worship, and apply this to discovering what worship can look like in the contemporary world.


Worship Engagement Leadership School (WELS) is a five-week summer program intended to equip participants (usually aged 19-24) with all the tools and experience needed to become a worshipper. Once properly equipped, participants will lead others into worship.


WELS, modelled on PIT and COLTS, is a program of gradual integration:


First, you learn: Classroom and practical musicianship learning (at Mountainous Site) from 

Then you do: Apprentice Worship Leading and Leading Musicianship Training for Teen Campers (at Lake Site) from 

Finally you lead: Leading Worship, and Planning and directing an entire Crow Program (at Lake Site) from 


WELS 2021 leader: 


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