It's that time of year again - a time when sleigh bells ring (are ya listenin'?); a time for Christmas Tree hunts, and yule-tide carols being sung by a choir; a time for preparing the annual report. As the winter blusters outside our windows, reminisce with us.

I have three direct instructions for those so inclined:

  1. Recall your favourite memories from camp - from this summer or from summers long ago. Use the pictures and stories from the summer of 2022 to spur your recollections;
  2. Consider how you can get involved. Get in touch with Wil - - to volunteer, or donate - camp does not work without your involvement.
  3. Make plans, and refer campers for the summer of 2023. Click through the referral link to get a head start on registration, or read about the process right here

We'd love to hear from you. We'd love to see you! For now, click through the report, and remember your place here, and plan to come back.

Pre-authorized Debit Form

Dec 6, 2022 By David Graham