Fee-free, Christ-centered summer camps in the Canadian Rockies

Lake Site

  • This is the original Crow site, we’ve been running camps here since 1957. If you came to Crow in the 50s, 60s, 70s, even the 80s, you came here. 

  • All the campers at the Lake site go on a 1-3 night backpacking trip depending on their age.

Mountain Site

  • The mountain site is located at the base of Crowsnest mountain, a short 20 min drive from the Lake Site

  • If you love a smaller intimate group, if you want to build deep friendships, this is the place for you

  • We’ve been running programs here since 2005, the pace is more relaxed and casual

Gladstone Ranch

  • Gladstone Ranch is located 30km from Pincher Creek at the base of Mount Gladstone

  • The newest of the bunch! We first ran programming at Gladstone Ranch in 2021.

  • The lake at Gladstone is at least 10 °C warmer than Crowsnest Lake, you can swim in it for more than 30 seconds!

Special Out-trips

  • We take it for granted because we live here, but being able to sleep out under the stars, hike some of the greatest vistas, and see the best scenery in Canada is a pretty special opportunity. Participants in our out-trip program get to do all of this at no charge!