Introducing the VIP Camper Experience + A New Crowsnest Lake Superyacht 


Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp is excited to announce our best update in the last decade! - possibly even longer! It has been a change long-coming to our programs. A new experience for 2023 to enliven the senses and fulfill even the unexpressed wishes of our campers. 


With the increase in summer camp demand post-COVID, we have seen an increase in programs being offered. What we have not seen is an equal response catering to the folks who like to do summer camp well. In fact, we have seen this demand for years coming, so tapping into this idea helps us establish Crow as an authority in the Summer Glamp industry.

If you or your child has been to camp and came away not having your needs met, then this VIP Camper Experience is for you! We are specifically catering to those who want high-class summer camp experiences.


Here are some statements from the staff at Crow regarding the new VIP Camper Experience:

"I'm beyond words - I, I, I don't know what to say… I’d like to elaborate, but I can’t. I am speechless. I have… no words. At a time like this, words fail me." - David Graham (Director of Camping)

"Campers should have the option for camp to meet their seemingly outrageous needs. This is an obvious step in a needed and stylish direction.” - William Luchka (Integration Coordinator)

"The Ritz Carlton is great, but that level of service mixed with summer camp is where it is at. I wish I had this growing up!" - Stephanie Goodbrand (Registrar)

"Our out-trips have always sucked. Not so anymore!!!" - Daniel Vanderpyl (Director of Outdoor Programs)

In addition to the staff, our Vice-President of the Board (Mike Oosterhof) was agreeable: "As a professional accountant, I am fervently sure this program will help Crow's financial aspirations; all while providing an opulent VIP experience."


Here are some quick highlights for the new upscale VIP Camper Experience:

·  Valet parking for parents at drop-off and pick-up.

·  Backstage passes with the board of directors during the first day at camp.

·  Polar dip points without having to actually polar dip.

·  Get out of jail free cards (for the wide games).

·  Unlimited signature flapjacks.

·  King-sized blue foamie for the out-trip (see promo photo below).

·  Helicopter shuttles on select out-trips (e.g., AGOT, ABOT, SWOT).

·  Luraco i9 Massage chairs installed on our new VIP flatwater tandem canoes.

·  Misty Mountain Cadillac big-wall harnesses for belayers.

When developing this new program, we decided to reach out to the most lavish camp we knew: Camp Clayton in Tasmania, Australia. With their camp-style finesse and ability to impress, we knew they had something dashing to offer from down under. This is how they advised:

"Well, if I am honest, each camper in this upscale program would need a steward. And this steward would usually have a fancy cheese platter - but in true Crow-style fashion, an artisan flapjack platter is right on point!" - Caleb Dyer (Ritziness Coordinator, Camp Clayton)

"Backpacking out-trips are so last summer. The weight of carrying everything on one's back cramps your style and limits food options to army rations. Up your culinary game with glamorous, furry pack llamas to carry 5-star food and gear. You'll eat like queens and walk on clouds." - Dani Ezard (Director of Posh, Camp Clayton)

You heard it! Pack llamas and flapjack platters are coming to our programs summer 2023! Future additions to this VIP experience include private powder-rooms with cantilevered jacuzzis, chauffeured Rolls Royce's for 7-11 slurpee runs, and camper accommodations on a superyacht here on our local Crowsnest Lake - aptly named The Continental Reside 3000

That's right, a Crowsnest Pass-based superyacht is in the making for our lake - for our programs! - taking luxury to new heights (or rather, depths).

The anonymous billionaire sponsoring the world's first superyacht designed specifically for a small body of water chose Crowsnest Lake because of its stunning mountain views, serene atmosphere, wind, and long standing relationship with the summer camp. The billionaire is determined to make this project work, and is already planning an elaborate launch party for the vessel's maiden voyage. So if you happen to be passing by on Highway 3 and spot a massive yacht cruising around, don't be too surprised. We can only sail it when the lake is calm, though, which is estimated to be 3 days per summer. 

The yacht-based camper accommodations and other additions will be revealed in the forthcoming Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum-level VIP experiences for campers - aimed for a high-toned reveal in spring 2024.


This program is only available to those who register for the VIP Camper Experience; limited spots are available through our new referral program. To register, visit our new VIP website. When signing up, make sure to use the promo code: aprilfools2023

Subscription pricing available.

Apr 1, 2023 By Daniel