Camp is fun. This is well-known. 

What is less well known is that camp is a terrific place to develop a resume.

I know what I am talking about. I worked a lot of different summer jobs:

  • I was a landscaper and groundskeeper for the Town of High River;
  • I schlepped plants at an Industrial Greenhouse;
  • I was a sandwich artistan at Subway. 

They were fine jobs. I made a bit of cash. But the place I learned leadership skills, people management, program planning? That all happened at camp.

None of my summer jobs gave me responsibility for managing people, projects, or budgets. I was never asked to spontaneously improvise a creative solution to an emerging problem. Camp work - that's different. I've lead serious business meetings, and worked difficult negotiations. The place that gave me the footing and confidence to do those things well was Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp. 

Maybe you are still skeptical. Maybe you're thinking, "Yeah, that might be true. But I am awfully broke!" 

The Crow Bursary will send you money - real $$$ - so that YOU CAN COME TO CAMP.

If you know someone who should be at camp this summer, and needs a bit of cash, fill out this form, give us their name, and we will follow up.

If you ARE someone who Fill out our Bursary Form, right now. The Bursary provides up to $2500 (or even more!) for eligible applicants.

Complete your application before May 1st. Come to camp.

Camp is a good place for you this summer.

Camp is a good place to develop your skills.

We have a place for YOU.

Mar 11, 2022 By David Graham