PIT Crew


P.I.T Crew. Or- Personnel In Training.

The P.I.T Crew program is unique to Crow, but is similar in emphasis to other camps’ teen training programs.  it emphasizes and exposes all aspects of camp ministry as being of equal importance, giving training for & experience in all areas of camp.

  P.I.T Crew started in 1981 as an attempt to train young leaders in a camp setting.  Every P.I.T Crew has its own flavourand style and yet every year sees teens learning to serve and developing into “doers of the Word.” The program is all about learning about God, learning about each other, and learning how to give what God has given us. 


  • Encourage growth in youth.
  • Learn all aspects of camp operation.
  • Train participants to serve God through serving one another, senior staff, and continue serving throughout the year at home, school, church, youth group, etc.
  • Develop Crew members as individuals so that they can effectively live life as God’s children.
  • Develop future volunteer staff for camp.

The P.I.T Crew program brings these goals together. Working in a camp ministry provides an opportunity to grow. Staff who are growing in their faith make for a dynamic ministry. Ultimately, any camp training program should benefit the campers and glorify God.

P.I.T Crew grads have been some of camp’s most solid and dependable summer staff members and it is camp’s desire to see this practice continue.

NOTE: Individual development is not at the expense of the camp program; i.e. if a participant is clearly not suited for this training, is disruptive to the program and other staff, he or she will be asked to leave.

The PIT program runs for six weeks from the end of June to the first week in August. It always runs from just before Jr 1 to just after Jr 2. The dates are set in April. The program is for 16 and 17 year olds. It is a free program. The teens must apply for the program and then leaders make selections out of the applicants.

For further information and application forms, please contact us. All applications must be received by April 15.