The staff team is here to provide support, leadership and supervision to the camp, its programs and its people.

The team is made up of various talented individuals who are accountable to you our supporters and are driven to provide the best fee-free Christ-centred camping experience possible. 

David Graham

Director of Camping
“Most of the things that are fun about me are not facts; most of the things that are facts about me are not fun.”
Romans 4:17

Randy Demman

Facilities Manager
"I am on a first name basis with the people at the dump."

Psalm 139

 Stephanie Goodbrand (Brouwer) 

Office Admin/Registrar/Rental Coordinator
“I have peaked Crowsnest Mountain over 10 times in my life.”
Galatians 2:20​

Daniel Vanderpyl

Director of Outdoor Programs

“I was once stung by a jellyfish and had to pee on my own foot."

Isaiah 66:2b (link sends e-mail)

Bronwyn Cassely Schulz

Integration Coordinator 
“I once walked across Lake Winnipeg”
Job 23:10 (link sends e-mail)

Lois Timms

Kitchen Administrator 
"I was a ski Patrol at the local hill for five years." 
Isaiah 61:3

William Luchka

Volunteer Relations Coordinator
“My eyes are two different Colours.”
Philippians 2:12-13 (link sends e-mail)

Meghan Oosterhof

Training Coordinator 
“I broke my arm playing full contact duck duck goose."
Galatians 6:9 (link sends e-mail)

Kirsten Reger

Volunteer Administration
“Kirsten is German”
Daniel 3:17-18 (link sends e-mail)

Andrew Legg

Mountain Site Director
"In 2003 I was in a reality TV show called sketch Troop! I celebrated getting voted off first by spending the rest of that summer at Crow."
The Book of Ecclesiastes