We hope you enjoy this year's Annual Report! We worked hard on it and are pleased with all that was accomplished. Thank you for being part of this community and your continued contributions to Crow’s mission. 

This year's report contains an invitation for you to visit us at Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp, that invitation was made in earnest, and we hope you come. However, if you cannot join us,  send an email, and we will come to you. We would love to visit your church or go out for coffee. As an added incentive, whichever staff you meet will sing a show tune of your choice, no Gilbert and Sullivan, please. 

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We think of this Annual Report as part of a giving campaign.

Crow has always been faith-based. For a long time that was especially financial, we never charged for camp and “didn't do fundraising.” God blessed those choices, and Crow ran on that basis for 60 years.  

Instead of fundraising, we simply expressed our areas of need. And where there was a stressor or pressure we shared that too. One surprising source of stress was navigating the divide between a simple presentation of need and fundraising. What differentiates fundraising and a simple presentation of need? Does asking people to donate oppose our faith? Is fundraising somehow beyond God’s guidance or direction? 

In February 2023, the Crow Board met and dispelled this dilemma forever by affirming that fundraising was permissible. We are still going to limit ourselves to a simple presentation of need. Our ministry is still about discipleship and evangelism, not money. You still need money, not a lot but enough. Over the coming months, Crow is figuring out what fund development will look like. We are going to need your help. 

  1. We will need your help knowing how to communicate our needs to you.

  2. Continue to respond faithfully as God directs you to give.

There is a lot we are working at that requires money. The main one for December is our CEBA loan. There is a description on our website about CEBA but in brief, it makes a lot of sense for Crow to raise $40k this month. 

If you would like to support what Crow is doing in wilderness, ministry, discipleship and evangelism, please give and indicate it is for the CEBA loan. We hope you stay tuned in the coming weeks we will circulate some surveys to learn and plan what comes next. Crow has needs and God has always provided through His people. Thank you for being part of our community. 

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Dec 6, 2023 By David Graham