We here at Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp have been outtripping in the Canadian Rockies since the 1960's. We depend on qualified and competent leaders to make this happen; our COLTS participants. Crowsnest Outdoor Leadership Training School is an accelerated leadership development program that aims to create Christ-centred leaders in the outdoor industry. This is accomplished through purposed instruction and in-depth training, then culminated with 2 months of experiential practicums leading outtrips during our summer camps. See below for further details.

COLTS 2021 Applications are due in:


on Feb 1

 Kyle McElheran - COLTS 2019

COLTS is a phenomenal program that trains participants to depend on God while they address the physical, personal, and spiritual needs of campers. Listening to God, following exceptional leaders, developing diverse skills, and gaining outstanding experience help to shape a strong and healthy leadership point of view. COLTS is a program that will test and exceed your limits, increase your leadership capacity, and build your faith. The instructors are highly conscious and competent; passionate about participants realizing their full potential; committed to demonstrating authentic servant leadership; and humbly submitted to God’s direction for each year of students. For me, COLTS was an exploration with God, of his heart and mine. Taking a pause from following a clear career and life path, I began asking God about how he has made me. Through serving campers in the wilderness and witnessing God encounter so many he has given me a heart to serve others in meeting and growing in Christ.

 Bronwyn Schulz - COLTS 2018

It was a childhood dream of mine to be able to do COLTS, I grew up at camp watching the outtrip directors do daring and wonderful things. I wanted to be like that. SO when the opportunity arose for me to apply I jumped on it. COLTS was more than just a training program, it was, in the most cliché way, life changing. When I started COLTS I was a young person in search of who she was and insecure in her leadership abilities. I emerged, from a third of a year spent at camp, a leader. Sure of herself, strong, and capable.

COLTS training pushes you beyond what you think you are capable of physically and takes you to heights you couldn’t imagine before. We stood on ridges with 120 km winds, we hiked from bowl to bowl, we threw ourselves down hills, we carried each other in first aid simulations, we got real lost in the woods, slept on snow, trekked through every type of weather, and cried. One thing I learned in COLTS was to “fall into the hill, it will always catch you.” While that was meant to be about falling down actual hills I took it and applied it to my relationship with Christ. “Fall into Christ, He will always catch you.” I would recommend COLTS to anyone who seeks to learn more about themselves in Christ and as a leader.

 Mariah Funk - COLTS 2018

For years I put my identity into what I did. During that time I just felt frustrated and out of place all the time, because everyone around me had “their thing” that they thrived at and worked towards. I didn’t understand why I just never felt like I fully belonged anywhere. I came into COLTS knowing very little, had a hard time allowing myself to fail and ignoring the toxic thoughts in my head. Over the four months, I was stretched beyond what I thought my limits were, when it comes to leadership and the outdoors. After finishing my 5th and final outtrip, I couldn’t help but praise God for shaping me into the leader He has created me to be. For I know that in my own strength I would never be where I am today. Knowing that I’m only just a vessel for Him to lead through. This is all for Him. Living my life for Him is “My thing”.

 Eric Reno - COLTS 2018

One cannot truly communicate the COLTS program by words alone, it must be experienced. I could tell stories of incredible highs and lows, of which I certainly had many of, but the overall impact COLTS will (likely) have on you is more than that. I can confidently say that by the end of the entire experience I was, for all intensive purposes, a different person. I now see myself as a leader as God made me, not by how I thought a leader to be. I had first hand experience of what it looks and feels like to live actively in faith, something which will anchor me for years to come. Hilariously enough, I have never wanted to quit something so badly, while simultaneously never wanting it to end. I love this program, and this camp. If anyone reading this wants to ask me a question, I would love to have a discussion. Ask Daniel for my contact info, or look me up somehow.

 Caroline Munnings - COLTS 2017

Every challenge is met with precontemplation. I engaged with the COLTS Program often unsure of my abilities in comparison to the magnitude of the task at hand. This brought me to my knees often and proved to be the anchor of my soul, strength for my steps, and direction as I led precious youth through the vastness of God's wonder provoking wilderness!

A constant assurance through the training portion of COLTS was the servant leadership role models guiding our standard of ministry at Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp. Stretching and growing in an environment where learning from our mistakes was a welcome foundation for leadership development brought joy and freedom along the journey. I am grateful to have engaged the challenge of providing youth with backpacking adventures and witnessing their hearts discover the grandeur of God's personal investment in their lives!

 Graeme Collins - COLTS 2016

COLTS, how do I explain COLTS?  At first before I arrived at camp, I was very reluctant of being there, not really knowing much about CLBC.  As I arrived, I was warmly greeted by some friendly faces and felt a bit better about being there.  Right away we sprung full swing into training, giving me little time to think about fleeing.  As the program progressed, getting to know the other participants and my instructors was a joy, and I started to grow quite fond of this place and the people.  I liked them so much, that when I came back the next summer, I met my now Fiancé and soon to be wife, Lauren Algra, whom has also taken the COLTS program. I learned a great amount about myself, leadership tactics, hard skills, and most importantly God. Working with campers had its ups and downs (pun intended), but I would not change this challenging experience.  I enjoyed COLTS so much that I came back and did COLTS II in 2018, which meant I was an instructor.  I have been putting the skills I learned to the test in everyday tasks involving conflict and leadership, outdoor adventures and now with my work, as an Education Assistant at a Christian high school.  I would never have had the confidence and peace God has blessed me without having done COLTS. 

 Daniel Vanderpyl - COLTS 2011

I did COLTS knowing I would learn and grow a lot. What I didn't expect was how much it would be. I now instruct in the program, but more accurately consider myself a student-in-disguise (shh, don't tell anyone). The day to day leadership development and unique instructional approaches changed the way I view and structure many aspects of life now. Specifically, I remember being awestruck at the mountains we got to explore both in training and with campers, reminding me that we are here for a purpose. And, what better way to share God's creation than backpacking through alpine meadows in the Rocky Mountains. 

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There have been joys too great to be described in words, and there have been griefs upon which I have not dared to dwell; and with these in mind I say: Climb if you will, but remember that courage and strength are nought without prudence, and that a momentary negligence may destroy the happiness of a lifetime. Do nothing in haste; look well to each step; and from the beginning think what may be the end.

~Edward Whymper~