Jun 18 to Jun 21


Women aged 40+

If you are 40+ and have always wanted to experience a Crow outtrip, this is the program for you! A weekend in the mountains with other women, experienced leaders, and a spiritual component will create a memorable experience. We would love for you to join us!

Beginning from our Lake Site, this incredible weekend women’s backpacking trips explore the valleys, plateaus and mountain peaks of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Along with breathtaking scenery and varying levels of hiking challenges, you will learn backpacking and outdoor skills. The outtrip size is limited in order to maximizing the opportunity to explore more areas as well as invest in relationships. The focus is biblical, with an outstanding setting of the wilderness. Enjoy speaking times by the fire accompanied by beautiful hikes into remote locations, but most importantly, come expecting to be refreshed and share an amazing experience with other women in the back country.


Special Notes for SWOT 2021:

Because of Covid-19, adjustments have been made to the “normal” Crow outtrip experience. We still have on having an awesome time enjoying a weekend in the wilderness that God has created and sharing with each other. However, we have to make a few concessions to meet with government regulations and keep everyone safe. The concessions are:

  • Wearing masks while in shared vehicles to and from the drop-off point (and anywhere else where it is difficult to maintain physical distancing)
  • Everyone has their own individual and personal place to sleep. It can be a tent, a tarp, or a hammock/tent.
  • Keeping group gear at a minimum. That includes dishes and pots.
  • In case travel restrictions are still in place for BC residents, we are planning on doing the trip in BC. If you aren’t able to meet us at camp, you can meet us at the trailhead or somewhere else pre-arranged. There are no restrictions for Albertans going into BC. In fact, the Elk Valley local governments welcome Albertans as long as they follow the rules.
  • The group will be smaller – maximum of 10 people total.

You will be expected to follow and respect the Outtrip COVID Protocol that we have in place for our programs this summer. You will each be expected to carry at least 30lbs in a 50-80 litre backpack; packs will include personal as well as group gear. Participants should be physically capable of carrying their pack for at least 5 kilometres on rough mountain terrain (you don’t have to be able to hike fast, but this is a traditional outtrip!). This may include trail hiking, off-trail hiking through bush, and steep rocky slopes. Outtrips will take place in varying levels of difficulty as outlined in our Outtrip Class System. This is traditional outtrip, so you will be sleeping under a single tarp or tent, the food will be cooked on camp stoves or over a fire, and all food and wildlife attractants such as soap, bug spray, or toothpaste will be hung from a bearline.

The outtrip will be led by qualified Outtrip Directors who oversee all aspects of the outtrip program such as route, outdoor skills training, activities, meal preparation, and the spiritual focus of the outtrip. The Outtrip Directors are also responsible for the safety of the group and are equipped to respond to any first aid or medical situations. We expect all group members to respect the leadership of the Outtrip Directors.

Registraton will open on June 1, 2021 at 10am - and we will accept registration for one week (until June 8th) before it will close, we will then contact you regarding acceptance and waitlisting for the program.

Join us by taking this great opportunity to get away for the weekend and explore the beauty of God’s creation this summer!

Volunteer needs

* Please email volunteer@crowcamp.ca or outdoor@crowcamp.ca if you are interested in volunteering.