Below is a brief description of each volunteer position. Please note the description does not include every expectation or duty. For more information about each role, please email

Cabin Leader - Model and teach Christ-likeness in attitude, action and word. Prepare and lead cabin devotions with camper. Be eager to participate in all activities with campers. Develop sincere relationships with campers. Care and look out for the safety and hygiene of campers. Support Outtrip directors during an out trip. Help with daily option activities.

Facilities - Working with our Facilities Manager, Randy, in doing different tasks around the facility. This can range from painting the dock, to chopping fire wood, to creating paths in the forest and fixing toilets and doorknobs. Assist with regular safety checks of all equipment, facilities, and areas. Become fully acquainted with facilities, grounds and emergency procedures. Perform all related duties as designated by the Facilities Manager.   

Multimedia - The multimedia person will be taking photos of campers in activities throughout the whole camp - the outtrips, wide games, chapel, campfire, polar dip etc. Take group cabin photos. Post the photos on Facebook and download the photos to the camp file server. Make a slideshow of the week to show parents on the last day of the camp. Help the worship coordinators with power points.

Child Care - Watching over the volunteer’s children, could be from 1 -12 years of age. The number of children in childcare differs each week depending on the parent volunteers. Planning and doing games/activities with the kids. At camp we have a playground, nap room and toy/craft room for the child care. Communicate with parents in regards to child discipline, routine, snacks, and child specific care. Ensures the safety and well-being of children in his/her care. Plans and coordinates a daily activity schedule for child/children, which meets the approval of the Volunteer Coordinator, appropriate staff leader and the parent(s). Arranges with parent regarding time off.

Dish Pit - Teach the campers the proper methods & procedures of washing dishes. Supervise the campers while they are on dish and pot duty. Operate the dishwasher.  Ensure that the dishes are neatly put away in their proper places.  Keep the dirty pot population down to a manageable number, so that after meals, when the kids come to help, there isn't an overwhelming number of pots to do. Finish up the dishes and pots if the campers can't get everything done before their next program event. Keep the dish pit area clean. Ensure that floors are clean and mopped and garbage is emptied from the kitchen/dining hall every day.

Dining Room - Setting up tables prior to meals. Leading campers in cleaning the dining room after meals are done. Sweeping, wiping down tables, mopping. Making sure the tea and coffee station are fully stocked and always clean. Make juice and coffee. Assist with serving food as required. Wash dishtowels, rags and aprons at least once a day.

Assistant Cook - Responsible to the head cook. Prepares daily meals, and snacks from the menu. Serves food. Keeps the kitchen tidy. Being apart of team work in the kitchen.

Dietary Cook - Responsible to the head cook. Prepares daily meals, and snacks from the menu for all the special dietary needs - such as dairy free, gluten free or any allergies. Serves prepped dietary food. Keeps the kitchen tidy. Being apart of team work in the kitchen.

Head Cook - Be a leader to the cooks, dish pit and dining hall person. Take charge of the menu(pre-set) and kitchen, making sure meals are made on time. Plan with Program Director times of meals and special event meals. Be aware and attentive to any staff & camper with special food needs or allergies - preparing meals that accommodates those needs. Keeping the kitchen organized and clean.

Head Cabin Leader - Plan training camp with the director of camping. Be present to support and assist and supervise the cabin leaders. Check in daily with the cabin leaders. Help lead cabin devotions. Plan breaks, and discipleship times for the volunteers and cabin leader breaks. Be a good communicator. Help eliminate chaos and problem solve with campers/cabin leaders. Be a part of the camp program.

Worship Coordinator - Plan the songs for chapel and campfire. Find other people at camp that are intrested in joining to play an instrument or sing during worship. Lead practices to prepare for chapel. Support and lead others doing worship. Prep slides for projector. 

Nurse - To be considered for a nurse you must be a registered LPN, RN, EMT-A, EMT-P, or physician. During the time at camp, the nurse is in charge of campers and volunteers daily medications and first aid needs. The nurse is on call if any injuries or incidents occur, and will need to restock first aid kits. The nurse also looks after some minimal laundry and is charge of keeping the nurses station in order. The nurse also organizes medications and communicates health concerns to Outtrip Directors before the outtrip.

Outtrip Director - Outtrip directors are required to have in house training from our COLTS program. This stands for Crowsnest Outdoor Leadership Training School, which is an intensive two month pre-summer training program. The OTD plans and prepares overnight backing packing trips and leads the campers on an outtrip ranging from 1 to 3 nights in the wilderness. The outtrips are in groups from 15-25 campers. OTD's respond to Emergency Situations, and supervise the safety during camp programming on site and off site. They also take part in daily chores. Outtrip Directors are to take part in camp programming.

Speaker -  Work closely with the Program Director in adjusting the program to suit the spiritual needs of the camp (e.g. staff devotions, camper devotions, prayer times, and spiritual status reports). Plan, prepare and implement chapel talks, object lessons, firesides, etc. as previously arranged for the program. Speak at chapels and campfires each day. Share the gospel during the week. Provide devotional material for the Cabin Leaders and Outtrip Directors. Be committed to prayer in every aspect of your involvement at camp. Provide spiritual leadership during the camp and give feedback to the staff team on issues that may be of ongoing spiritual concern.

Program Director - Determine a schedule of activities (program) for the camp­ers to be involved in during the time you are director.  This program should reflect the philosophy, goals, and standards of both C.L.B.C. and yourself; should be appropriate to the age of the campers; and should include any on-going or esta­blished programs that are run by C.L.B.C.  Ensure that camp discipline and order is maintained.  This involves enforcing the rules, regulations, and standards set both by you and by the camp administration. Provide leadership, support and feedback to the staff.