Tuck Shop Details 


Our Tuck Shop doesn't sell any junk food, but instead carries only practical items such as bags, mugs, Bibles, water bottles, as well as branded camp apparel: hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and sweatpants. You can see some of our items and price list below.


We will ask parents to leave funds for their campers at Tuck Shop on the first day of camp when signing in. Spending money for each camper will be up to the parent’s discretion. We have found that most campers end up spending between $30-$70, though you are free to spend any amount that fits your family's budget. Campers will be able to access those funds during their time at camp to purchase things they might need for the Outtrip.


Please note: we are not able to issue refunds from the Tuck Shop! Any balance remaining after your camper’s week of camp will be donated to Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp.


The tuck shop is also open on the first and last day of camp, so there is an opportunity for parents and others to make purchases at that time and grab any last-minute items that may have been overlooked in packing. Our methods of payment are as follows: Debit Tap, Credit Card, Cheque, and Cash.


Please note: we are not able to reserve merchandise or process any online orders. Thank you for understanding.



Tuck Shop Items


Price List


  • Hoodie – 2018 Adult Sizes                                                               $35
  • Hoodie – 2018 Youth Sizes                                                              $30
  • Sweatpants – 2017 Grey/Green                                                      $25
  • Buff – Multi-Functional Headwear                                                  $20
  • Sweatpants – 2015 Blue                                                                   $15
  • T-shirt – 2018 T-Shirt, COLTS 30th, Future COLT                         $15
  • T-shirt – I Am A Crow Kid                                                                 $10
  • Beanie – Various Colors                                                                   $15
  • Truckers Hat – Various Colors and Patches                                   $15
  • Mugs – Small & Large Sizes                                                             $15
  • Bible – Compact Size for Outtrips                                                  $15
  • Stuff Sacks (set of 3)                                                                          $15
  • Water Bottle                                                                                       $10
  • Farm House Bag                                                                                $10
  • Drawstring Bag                                                                                  $10
  • Earrings                                                                                               $10
  • Journals                                                                                              $10
  • Memory Book                                                                                    $10
  • Plastic Rain Poncho                                                                            $7
  • Knitted Headwear                                                                               $5
  • Patch – Various Options                                                                     $5
  • S-Clip Carabiner (Plastic)                                                                  $4
  • S-Clip Carabiner (Speciality)                                           $ As Marked
  • Spork                                                                                                     $4
  • Stickers – Various Options                                                                 $1
  • Garbage bags (set of 3)                                                                     $1
  • Post Cards (set of 2)                                                                            $1