Tuck Shop Details 


Our Tuck Shop doesn't sell any junk food, but instead carries only practical items such as bags, mugs, Bibles, water bottles, as well as branded camp apparel: hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and sweatpants. You can see some of our items and price list below.


The tuck shop will be open at different times during the camp program, typically during registration on the first day of camp, and at pick on the last day of camp, so there is an opportunity for your family to make purchases at that time and grab any last-min ute items that may have been overlooked in packing. We do accept all major credit cards: Debit Tap, Credit Card, Cheque, and Cash. There will be no tuck shop deposits or tabs this year.


Please note: we are not able to reserve merchandise or process any online orders. Thank you for understanding.

*Please bring cash for all Gladstone camps. 



Tuck Shop Items


2023 Price List




T-Shirts: -------------------------------$5


Toques: ------------------------------$15

Trucker Hats:-----------------------$25

Muddy Mouse M-------------------$20

Large Water Bottle: --------------$25

Small Water Bottle: --------------$20

Poncho: -------------------------------$5

Sporks: --------------------------------$5

Stickers: ------------------------------$2

S-Clips: -------------------------------$2

Patches: ----------------------------$5

Scarves: --------------------------$25