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2019 Camp Registration


Our 2019 camp registration opens over multiples days, according to each age group. The following camp registration form(s) will open online on the following days:

  • Junior Camper registration opens on
    Monday, March 11th at 10am MDT 
    For those born in 2010-2007

  • Intermediate Camper registration opens on
    Tuesday, March 12th at 10am MDT
    For those born in 2007-2005

  • Senior Camper registration opens on
    Wednesday, March 13th at 10am MDT
    For those born in 2005-2001

  • Special Outtrip registration opens on
    Thursday, March 14th at 10am MDT
    For Adults

  • Family Camp registration opens on
    Friday, March 15th at 10am MDT
    For Families

  • Keenagers registration opens on
    Monday, March 18th at 10am MDT
    For those 50 years and up


To Register:

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Are You Ready For Registration!

Please make sure that your online account is ready for when registration opens! This will help speed up the process and make your life easier!

  • First Time Registering Online? You (as the adult or parent/guardian) will need to create an online account in our registration software, with a username, password, email and security question, and then add all your campers into your account.
  • Already Have An Account? If you already have an account, please login with the username and password you already have, and make sure all your information is up to date so that when registration opens everything will flow smoothly for you. If you forgot your username or password, look in previous emails from us and it should be there. If you can't find it, call us or the support number below and we will help you out!

When your account is all ready to go, then when registration opens for the age group you are registering, all you will have to do is log back in with your username and password. You will then be able to select the camper's registration options and complete the required forms!

2019 Camp Registration Days


Monday, March 11th at 10:00am MDT 

Junior Camper Registration (for those born in 2010-2007) These camps include:

Junior 1 (June 29 - July 5)

Mountain Junior 1 (July 21 - 26)

Junior 2 (July 28 - August 3)

Mountain Junior 2 (August 6 - 11)


Tuesday, March 12th at 10:00am MDT

Intermediate Camper Registration (for those born in 2007-2005). These camps include:

Intermediate 1 (July 8 - 15)

Mountain Intermediate (July 9 - 14)

Intermediate 2 (July 18 - 25)

Mountain Girls (July 29 - August 3)

Mountain Boys (August 14 - 19)


Wednesday, March 13th at 10:00am MDT

Senior Camper Registration (for those born in 2005-2001). These camps include:

Rock Climbing Senior (June 30 - July 6)

Mountain Biking Senior (June 30 - July 6)

Senior 1 (August 7 - 16)

Senior 2 (August 19 - 28)

Mountain Senior (August 22 - 28)

AGOT (Cancelled) *young women ages 16-25

ABOT (July 30 - August 4) *young men ages 16-25


Thursday, March 14th at 10:00am MDT

Special Outtrip Registration (varying age groups, registration must be completed by an adult over 18). These camps include:

FASO (June 14 - 17) *fathers & sons 12 years and up

SWOT (June 21 - 24) *women ages 40+

AGOT (July 5 - 14) *young women ages 16-25

ABOT (July 26 - August 4) *young men ages 16-25


Friday, March 15th at 10:00am MDT

Family Camp Registration (for all ages, but a parent over 18 must be the primary camper on the registration form). 

Family Camp (August 30 - September 2) 


Monday, March 18th at 10:00am MDT

Keenagers Registration (for the young at heart ages 50 and over).

Keenagers (May 17 - 20) 


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Important Registration Information:


  • Our camps fill very quickly, and are based on a first come first serve bases. For the best chance of ensuring a spot for your camper, be online just before registration opens at 10am MDT for the age group you are applying for, and refresh the page until the registration link appears.
  • Junior, Intermediate and Senior campers will be able to select their first, second, and third choice for the camps they wish to attend in their age group (they may only select one age group). After registrations come in, we will sort campers into camps based off of the time their registration was received; so they may get their first, second or third choice or even end up on the waiting list depending on the time we received their registration. Selecting more than just one choice for camps they are interested in will increase their chances of getting into one of the camps.
  • Registration will be online only.
  • Our camps are strictly based on birth year, not the camper’s age during the camp.
    • This year (in 2019) that means those born in 2007 can choose between registering as either a Junior or Intermediate camper.
    • It also means that those born in 2005 can choose between registering as either an Intermediate or Senior camper.
    • If your camper is born in one of these years, you must decide which age group they want to register with, as they cannot choose both age groups, only one.
  • Campers may only register once per year. For example, if a camper is born in 2007, they cannot register to come as both a Junior camper and an Intermediate camper. Please do not register your camper in more than one camp. If the same camper is registered twice, both applications will be rejected, and they will need to re-register. (This does not apply to campers attending Family Camp or the FASO with their family)
  • When registering online for the first time, you (as the adult or parent/guardian) will need to create an online account in our registration software, with a username, password, email and security question. You can also add your campers into your account.
  • If you already have an account, please login with the username and password you already have, and make sure you update your information and make sure it is  accurate so that when registration opens everything will flow smoothly for you.
  • If you are registering a camper for a friend, there are two options of how you can do this. First, you could create a new login for them so that the camper is under their family group rather than yours (this will need to be done in communication with your friend so that they can have the new login information to modify camper details or register in future years). Or you can create a New Registration under your own login information. However this will mean that your friend’s camper will be under your family login, so modifying or transferring camper details for future years would be more complicated.
  • Only the highlighted fields and those marked with an (*) are required to complete the registration form, all other fields can be left blank or filled out as you see fit.
  • For Family Camp and the Father & Son Outtrip, the primary camper on the registration form must be over 18 and be either the parent/guardian of the family (if applying for Family Camp) or the father (if applying for the Father & Son Outtrip). There will be a space further along in the form to enter the names of your other family members or your son.
  • We run all our camps completely fee-free so that everyone can have the opportunity to come to camp. There will be no registration deposits.
  • Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp is funded entirely by donations and staffed by volunteers: parents and people who want to encourage and participate in our camp. If you are interested in being a part of what we are doing here, you can volunteer, or contribute financially. Learn about Volunteering HERE and Donating HERE
  • Since we will not have registration deposits, the spending money each camper has for the tuck shop will be up to the parent’s discretion. This can be deposited into the tuck shop on their behalf the first day of camp when signing in. We will be providing you with further details about this as summer camp approaches.
  • Since we generally contact people via mass emailing, please make sure our email address ( (link sends e-mail)) is saved to your contact list or address book so that messages from us end up in your inbox instead of junk/bulk mail folders.  

If you have any questions feel free to contact me (Stephanie Brouwer)

at the camp office (403-563-5120) or by email at