Jul 2 to Jul 9


Boys, ages 16 - 25

Eight exciting days of exploring the rugged mountains, ridges and valleys of the Crowsnest Pass region makes this trek an unforgettable experience.  Campers learn survival and backpacking skills from trained leaders and are challenged by leaders and landscape alike. With a small number of campers, this will be an incredible time! Are you ready to test your skills against the wild?

Beginning from our Lake Site, this 8-day backpacking trips for young men explore the valleys, plateaus and mountain peaks of these beautiful Rocky Mountains. Along with breathtaking scenery and challenging hiking, campers will learn backpacking and outdoor skills. The outtrip sizes are kept small at only 6 participants, maximizing the opportunity to explore more areas as well as build relationships.

Campers will be expected to carry at least 30lbs in a 50-80 litre backpack; this includes personal as well as group gear. Campers should be physically capable of carrying their pack for at least 10 kilometres on rough mountain terrain. This includes trail hiking, off-trail hiking through bush, and steep rocky slopes. Outtrips will take place in varying levels of difficulty as outlined in our Outtrip Class System. Campers will be sleeping under individual tarps, the food will be cooked on camp stoves or over a fire, and all food and wildlife attractants such as soap, bug spray, or toothpaste will be hung from a bearline. The outtrip will be led by qualified Outtrip Directors who oversee all aspects of the outtrip program such as route, outdoor skills training, activities, meal preparation, and the spiritual focus of the outtrip.

Join us by taking this great opportunity to grow and explore the beauty of God’s creation this summer!

Volunteer needs

* Please email daniel@crowcamp.ca or volunteer@crowcamp.ca if you are interested in volunteering.