Aug 19 to Aug 23


Co-ed, born 2012-2015

Mountain Site camp's offer the same excitement and similar activities that campers have come to expect from camps held at the Lake Site but occur in a smaller and more rustic setting. One distinctive is that there are no outtrips. The Mountain Site camping brings you closer to the great outdoors, as our traditional outtrips do, and yet allows such luxuries as home-cooked meals and simple bathrooms.  

Our Mountain Junior camps are an ideal opportunity for younger ones to experience camp—in a smaller group setting. It is a relaxed and close-knit setting, with a small camp size that allows everyone to get to know each other quite well! Campers get involved in any number of the following activities: archery, hiking, playing games in a meadow, survival skills, nature study, crafts, sauna building, star gazing, etc.

Come enjoy summer days together and the simple pleasures of the great outdoors; crystal clear water from the creek and the glow of the campfire underneath a star-filled sky. 


Limit: 30 campers

Volunteer needs