Current Openings

We are currently looking to hire a Volunteer Coordinator! 

The Volunteer Coordinator has always looked after all aspects of Crow volunteer staffing, most importantly:

  • Recruiting the people (both old friends and new) who will staff the roles at camp
  • Administration and processing of all the summer applications
  • Training volunteers up, so that we can be sure that they know what they need to know to do
  • Supporting volunteer camp staff throughout the year and especially during the summer

This is a fast-paced job, that requires a deep & wide social network within the local churches in Southern Alberta and BC. For some people, it might be a dream job. After all, you'd get to be at camp, you'd be working with camp people, you'd have the chance to expand your skill-set... and this is a job where you can learn and grow in a supportive, Jesus-centered place.

Traditionally, this has been one job, for one person. Believe it or not, as recently as three years ago, this was officially a part-time job! If you are interested in a full-time, salaried position at camp, and you have skills in connecting with candidates, administration, and training, we'd love to see your resume.

But right now, we are considering splitting the job into three parts, with a specialist to look after each of:

  1. Connecting and Recruiting
  2. Administration
  3. Training

(Click the link to read the job posting for each position)

The three positions will (obviously) have to work very closely together, but given how different the skill-sets are for each potion of the job, we think it will be easier to find three specialists for three part-time jobs... but if one person has the full suite of skills we are looking for, the position could be filled by one individual. If Crow ultimately decides that the position is best handled between three part-time positions, the "volunteer support" aspect of the job will be shared between all positions (and across the permanent staff team).

One benefit of splitting the position is that this will allow for telecommuting or remote work for much of the year (in fact, given how bad the internet is out here, it might even be preferrable!). During the summer, it is essential that we have people willing to spend the bulk of their time here on site at camp... but the precise structure of time and on-site availability will be determined based on the candidates and their family and availability.

The closing date for all positions in this hiring competion is Friday, 20 September 2019, with successful candidates to start work on or around 7 October 2019.

To discuss the position, please feel free to call the camp at 1-403-563-5120, and ask for David.