Current Openings

We are currently looking to hire a Kitchens & Rentals Coordinator! 

The Kitchens & Rentals Coordinator looks after all aspects of Crow's Kitchens, and manages Rentals for both sites (Mountainous Site, and Lake Site).

It's kinda all there in the job title, isn't it? Coordinating Rentals means taking care of everything to do with the business of rentals programs. That means taking bookings, arranging staff for all rental programs, and invoicing rental clients. The Kitchen Coordinator is responsible for coordinating, you know, the kitchen.

The Kitchen is a focus and centre of our community, and a place of both spiritual and physical nourishment - one of the many places at camp that meets our mission of ministering to the needs of the whole person. As Kitchen Coordinator, you will be responsible for the same goals set by the very first Kitchen Coordinator at Crow, Marg Blair:

Grandma Marg's Crow Kitchen Priorities

  1. To serve good, safe food at the right temperature, at the right time and in an attractive clean place

  2. To work together as a team, a Christian body of brothers and sisters

  3. To provide a safe place to work and a sanitary place to prepare food

  4. To produce the best possible food at the lowest possible cost; to eliminate waste of food and water. ~ Marg Blair

The Kitchen Administrator is responsible for making all the arrangments related to the proper function of the kitchen. That means coordinating food deliveries, managing the budget for both kitchen supplies and food, assisting the Volunteer Coordinators with recruitment and training of Assistant and especially Head Cooks. The Kitchen Administrator plans menus, making sure that food served is delicious and nutritious.

This is a fast-paced job, that requires a lot of technical skill and a real understanding of people. Our Kitchen Administrator sets the tone for the kitchen... and that means you will need to have spiritual maturity and wisdom. We're proud of the record of excellence that has been maintained in our kitchen, when it comes to caring for people with special dietary requirements, with regard to cleanliness and meeting the requirements of the Health Inspector. We're really looking for someone who buys into our mission, cares about people, and about building the Kingdom of God... 

If you are interested in a full-time, salaried position at camp, you believe in the work Crow does, and you have skills in managing menus, budgets, people and making business decisions, we would love to see your resume.

You can read the full posting here.

We are accepting resumes at until 21 October.

To discuss the position, please feel free to call the camp at 1-403-563-5120, and ask for David.