Lake Site

EST. 1956

Our Lake Site is located in the heart of the Rockies on the shore of Crowsnest Lake.

Lake Site

This site is located on the edge of Crowsnest Lake and offers six camps each summer. Two Junior camps (ages 9-11), two Intermediate camps (ages 12-13), and two Senior camps (ages 14-17). These are co-ed camps of about 80 campers each.

Our Lake Site programs put a high emphasis on the outdoors. Hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, archery, outtripping, wide games, and campfires are just some of the activities that frequent our programs. Every camper will take part in a wilderness outtrip. The program varies from session to session and is suited to the camper's age and abilities. The difficulty and length of outtrips also increase as the campers' ages increase.

In addition to the six kids camps that run each summer, we also offer specialized camp programs. We run a Family Camp (all ages), Keenagers (50+), and Winter Camp (18+) out of the Lake Site. As well as an Intermediate Reunion for intermediate camper and a Senior Reunion for senior aged campers who came for camps during the summer. 

We currently offer three specialized outtrip programs that begin and end here at the Lake Site. Our All Girls Outtrip (for young women aged 16-20) and the All Boys Outtrip (for young men aged 16-20) are intensive 8 day backpacking trips through beautiful parts of the Rockie Mountains in the Crowsnest Pass area. We also just added a new program called the Senior Women's Outtrip (for Women aged 40+) which is over a weekend in June.



May 17 to May 20
Father & Son Outtrip (FASO)
Fathers & Sons - 12 years or older
Jun 14 to Jun 17
Senior Women's Outtrip
Women aged 40+
Jun 21 to Jun 24
Junior 1
Co-ed, ages 9 - 11
Jun 29 to Jul 5
All Girls Outtrip
Girls, ages 16 - 25
Jul 5 to Jul 14
Intermediate 1
Co-ed, ages 12 & 13
Jul 8 to Jul 15
Intermediate 2
Co-ed, ages 12 & 13
Jul 18 to Jul 25
Junior 2
Co-ed, ages 9 - 11
Jul 28 to Aug 3
All Boys Outtrip
Boys, ages 16 - 25
Jul 30 to Aug 4
Senior 1
Co-ed, ages 14-17
Aug 7 to Aug 16
Senior 2
Co-ed, ages 14-17
Aug 19 to Aug 28
Family Camp
All ages
Aug 30 to Sep 2
Intermediate Reunion
Intermediate Campers who attended this Summer
Nov 8 to Nov 10
Senior Reunion
Senior Campers who attended this past Summer
Feb 28 to Mar 1