11 September 2023

Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp is seeking a unique and talented individual to join our unique and talented team.

After the departure of our previous Facilities Manager, we are left with the difficult task of finding a replacement. Our ideal candidate:

  • has the technical skills to handle the job;

  • loves God, and people;

  • wants to do Kingdom work and pursue Jesus’ Great Commission in a camp setting.

If you think you might be the right sort of person to take this on, please send an expression of interest to doc@crowcamp.ca. We’d love to meet you!


The successful candidate will join a core team of five, along with:

  • Director of Camping

  • Director of Outdoor Programs

  • Volunteer Coordinator

  • Office Administrator

  • Facilities Manager - YOU

Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp is a fee-free, Christ-centred summer camp in the Canadian Rockies. We have been offering camps for kids since 1957, and now we have two locations, and serve more than 650 kids per summer. Our specialization as a camp is in wilderness programming: rock climbing, canoeing, and archery, as well as backcountry outtrips.

The founders of Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp intended to create a joy-filled space, and a place to of deep peace, built on faith, hope, and love. We’ve learned that the best way to create this kind of deep community is to pursue Jesus. We will need your help to continue that pursuit. We are seeking a Facilities Manager who overflows with living water, to the benefit of the whole camp community, and the Crowsnest Pass too.

Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp is non-denominational. That means we are not affiliated with any particular church or denomination. But we believe strongly in the value of churches. We see ourselves as a service to the church - helping train and equip, and encouraging participation in local churches. We are mindful of the fact that we are not a church, or a theological seminary, or a Bible College: we’re a welcoming place that serves as an introduction to live in a community of belief, and to the Kingdom of God.  


We are looking to hire someone who sees Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp as a ministry. But it is also a job. We want someone who has the technical skills to ensure that Crow is professionally operated and maintained. This requires someone with high-level proficiency and credentials in carpentry, plumbing, or mechanical trades, with competency as a handyman as a key requirement.  

The full job description is below, but in summary, there are really three pieces to this job:

1) Keep the place running, looking after the buildings and the vehicles we already have.

2) Have a heart for ministry and participate in the mission

3) Make the place beautiful, and safe, by maintaining professional standards for maintenance of camp assets

The job responsibilities range from:

  • Managing and assigning janitorial tasks;

  • Making repairs and replacing broken or obsolete supplies & materials;

  • Contributing to site plan, capital improvements and larger construction projects.

This is a difficult job because the tasks involved require an extreme range of skills and trades. What you do not know how to do, we will contract to outside professionals or volunteers at your direction.

The successful candidate will also have an important community relations role. Most obviously, this means coordinating the dozens of annual volunteers who contribute to our facilities and maintenance programs (like, for instance, work days). The ideal candidate will be comfortable sharing highlights of summer programming, and successes with partner churches, and coordinating outreach to skilled volunteers in advance of major projects.

Although the successful candidate will be a credentialed tradesperson, we do not have a requirement or expectation as to which trade is your specialty. In fact, the most important qualification is skill in time management, and diligence. Above all technical skills, we are looking to hire a self-starter, who is able to accurately assess and appropriately prioritize work to be completed. The successful candidate will be able to work within a budget (and occasionally, that budget will be restrictive, due to the nature of our business) but will always be professional, and will not cut corners or sacrifice safety for the sake of saving a couple of dollars.

Key Dates

Posting Date: 11 September 2023

Close Date: 26 September 2023 (we will leave this ad open until we find our ideal candidate).

Anticipated Start Date: 15 October 2023 (negotiable)

We are currently accepting expressions of interest. Your expression of interest may include:

  • Resume/CV/Highlights of Qualifications

  • Cover Letter (explaining why you find this ministry and role appealing

  • Summary of Skills & Interests

  • Character or Professional References

This role may attract many candidates with a wide range of skills, we may come back to you to expand on some or another aspect of your candidacy. Either way, we would be excited to hear from you! Please direct all inquiries by email to doc@crowcamp.ca or call us at 1-403-563-5120. The full job description is below...


PO Box 250, Coleman, Alberta – Tel: 403-563-5120- Email: info@crowcamp.ca


Position: Facilities Manager

Reporting To: Director of Camping

Work Centre: Coleman, Alberta (Canadian Rockies)

Date: Permanent, full-time

Hours: Full Time

Remuneration: Salary ($25 - $32) Negotiable, based on need and experience. Housing can be provided on-site as a part of compensation.  


Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp Association is an autonomous, evangelical, faith ministry dedicated to bringing glory to God by responding to the needs of the whole person according to the Biblical principles of evangelism and discipleship through offering programs in a camp setting.


The successful candidate must believe in the core values of Crowsnest Lake Camp, demonstrated on a daily basis through servanthood to Jesus, CLBC Campers, Co-workers and Leadership.

The Facilities Manager is responsible for overseeing, coordinating, and completing all maintenance activity at all of Crow’s sites (including the Lake Site and Mountain Site). The Facilities Manager is expected to inspect facilities; prioritize necessary repairs, improvements and preventive maintenance; and to inspect and maintain camp’s vehicles, grounds, tools and equipment as needed, while reporting to the Director of Camping

The Facilities Manager shall seek to be an integral part of the larger team, and further, will be expected to take part in the expression of their faith to our campers and staff.


Personal Capacities

  • Ability to demonstrate Christian beliefs to Campers through sharing your testimony & the Gospel

  • Active participant in a local church

  • Mature, capable, mechanically-oriented person, able to encourage individuality and creativity in staff and campers

  • Encourages respect, sensitivity and understanding for individuals and their differences

  • Respect for the natural & rustic setting of Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp

  • Excellent work habits including: punctuality, efficient use of time, prioritizing tasks; ability to work independently to maintain and repair facilities according to standards

  • Proven to be wise in decision-making, & professional and responsible in dealing with people

  • Good character, as outlined in Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp Code of Conduct

  • Clean criminal background and clean driving record

  • Desire to work & live in a camp community, with extreme time demands in the summer camping season

Knowledge and Skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree, journeyman’s ticket, or equivalent training/experience that is relevant.

  • Current basic First Aid course or equivalent training.

  • Class 5 driver’s license or higher

  • A high level of competence in skilled and semi-skilled facilities maintenance, preventive maintenance, component replacement and handyman repair tasks (including carpentry, mechanical, information technology, and basic non-licensed electrical and plumbing work)

  • Experience leading teams, delegating tasks to contractors, volunteers, and other team/staff members.

  • Basic financial management skills, in order to manage the facilities and maintenance budget,

  • Demonstrated financial competence (value for money and careful decision-making), and stewardship of other resources God has provided to Crow (people, buildings, vehicles, and equipment)

  • Knowledge of and compliance with safety codes and standards for ground facilities;

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to lift and carry heavy objects (up to 100 pounds);

  • Ability to perform moderate physical work

  • Ability to erect and stand on scaffolding, ladders, and platforms

  • Ability to work with cleaning equipment, chemical compounds, solvents, cleaners, and solutions in dry, liquid, powder, spray, and aerosol forms;

  • Ability to work in conditions that will create dirt and dust.

  • Perform essential maintenance to facility or equipment which may involve, but is not limited to the following activities:

    • semi–reaching to full-reach overhead;

    • crouching;

    • kneeling;

    • shoveling;

    • working in narrow and/or confining spaces: underground, overhead, and at ground level;

    • twisting of the waist, shoulders, and legs;

    • lying on your stomach and/or back.



  • Ensure the creation and maintenance of an attractive, safe, and functional physical space for the provision of residential camp programs, including grounds (lakefront, gardens and flowerbeds), buildings, vehicles  and other facilities (docks, playgrounds, fire circles, gaga ball pit, greenhouse)

    • Identify, prioritize, and complete necessary preventative and on-going maintenance

    • Coordinate, supervise, and (where necessary) assist in janitorial activities (including cleaning buildings, bathrooms, and toilets; vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping; emptying garbage; keeping vehicles clean and maintained)

    • Keep and maintain fleet of vehicles in good operating condition. Where necessary, arrange for repairs and maintenance of vehicles by outside Service Company.

    • Properly dispose of waste and cycle through supplies (including construction materials) as they become unusable, ensuring a beautiful camp setting

    • Deliberately attend to and facilitate beautiful spaces that are conducive to reflection, meditation, relaxation, and consideration of the Creator, including gardens and lakefront spaces

    • Manage, oversee, and coordinate:

      • new construction, including hiring general and specialized contractors where required

      • removal of facilities, materials, buildings and vehicles that do not contribute to the proper function of the camp

      • necessary site upgrades, (for instance water/septic system upgrade; Mtn Site bridge)

      • Fall shut down at Mountainous Site

    • Participate in creation of evergreen Site Plan (with facilities committee) and ensure adherence to it

  • Supervise and coordinate maintenance activities and assistants engaged in maintenance activities on a contract basis.

    • Ensure access for (for example) Trash Collection, Gas Company, and Electric Company, etc.

    • Prepare any facility needing outside contract work for easy accessibility by contractors.

  • Together with Director of Camping, ensure proper and prompt completion of facilities related government reporting, paperwork and licensure, including especially Forestry Lease Renewal, Water Licensure, etc

    • Be acquainted with municipal, provincial, and federal codes for facilities

    • Maintain connection with service providers, as well as fire, police, and emergency services.

  • Assist in the proper function of summer camp programs from a facilities perspective

    • Maintain grounds to reduce risk of danger or injury to persons using grounds and facilities.

    • Moving materials and supplies to appropriate areas in camp as needed

    • Observe what needs to be done, and coordinate and enact an appropriate response

    • Observe camper behavior and relate to camper needs

    • Keep neat, orderly and file records

    • Observe and assess unsanitary or unhealthy conditions of camp

    • Identify and respond to hazards

    • Assist campers in emergency (fire, evacuation, illness, or injury)

    • Attend and assist with provision of staff training as time permits

  • Order equipment and supplies as needed, within budget or with approval of the director of camping, ensuring timely arrival of materials.

    • Maintain inventory of maintenance supplies and equipment.

  • Maintain wells and pumps in good operating condition to meet water standards.

    • Monitor water quality through regular testing, and ensure ongoing maintenance of sewer system

    • Be knowledgeable of applicable municipal, provincial, forestry (leaseholder) and federal regulations pertaining to sewer, garbage, electrical, and water standards

  • Communicate regularly with the director of camping, maintaining a workable and productive schedule.

  • Complete brief (~500 words) reports in advance of each board meeting for review by camp director on progress, problems, priorities and projections for repairs and replacement.

  • Maintain grounds in off-season as recommended in consultation with Director of Camping. Arrange jobs to take advantage of differing weather conditions. Annual/offseason jobs include:

    • Snow Removal and de-icing roads and sidewalks using plowtruck, shovel and snow blower

    • Maintenance and repair on snow and ice removal equipment

    • Check and repair chairs and benches

    • Prepare all vehicles for in-season use

    • Repair and/or rebuild docks and waterfront

    • Inspect and make necessary repairs on all doors, screens, windows, floorboards, rafters, ceilings plumbing, porches, roofs, etc.

    • Inspect all buildings and paint when necessary

    • Inspect and repair dining room tables and picnic tables

    • Inspect camp for trees that may need thinning, limbs removed, etc. Prepare trees or supervise contracted tree maintenance work

    • Repair and adjust small tools

    • Maintain inventory of beds and mattresses

    • Repair items recommended by staff

These are not the only duties to be performed. Some duties may be reassigned and other duties may be assigned as required.

Communication with Board and Full Time Staff

  • Work in conjunction with the Director of Camping in regards to budget, major site needs (repairs), vision, and goals.

  • Participate in meetings of the facilities committee

  • Write a report prior to each board meeting and send it to the Director of Camping.

  • Be intentional about building relationships and communication with the other full time staff:

    • Work in conjunction with the Kitchen Administrator regarding maintenance of kitchen equipment, and especially refrigerators, stoves/ovens, and dishwasher

    • Work in conjunction with the Director of Outdoor Programs regarding emergency response, off-site excursions and driving needs for camp programs

    • Work in conjunction with the volunteer coordinator regarding supervision and recruitment of volunteers, especially volunteers in the maintenance space.

    • Work in conjunction with the Director of Camping to:

      • Participate as directed in fundraising, and

      • Maintain an active & healthy family and spiritual life, with a sensible balance between work and life, even and especially during the summer.


  • Ensure that facilities are well-maintained, and safe for us by campers and staff

  • Participate in emergency response under the direction of the Director of Outdoor Programs

  • Maintain a risk assessment in regards to facilities and property, removing or barring entry to areas that are deemed unsafe.

  • Follows and disseminates all safety rules and regulations in order to minimize risk and enhance the safety of employees and visitors;

  • Checks property and grounds for unsafe conditions, and clears hazards

  • Reports safety conditions, security issues (for instance, conflict with neighbours and their animals), and illegal activities to Director of Camping

Volunteer Staff Relations

  • Confront staff when they are in conflict with camp policy.

  • Encourage and meet with staff regularly, and provide mentoring and support to all facilities related volunteers

  • Work with different age and skill levels

Camp Policy

  • Be familiar with CLBC's policy and ACA standards.

Mar 7, 2023 By David Graham