Greetings Everyone;

This is your first advanced notice regarding our 2018 summer camp registration, that will open be opening online on our website this Spring! We are so excited for our Summer Camp season coming up, and we are sure you are too!

Our 2018 summer camp registration will open on Monday, March 19th at 10:00 AM MST. This means that camper registration is only one month away! As many of you know, our camps tend to fill up quickly - especially the Junior Camps - so we strongly advise to register right away. Just for perspective, last year we had over 900 campers register, but we only have space for around 600!

A few things to make note of:

  • Registration will be online only.
  • When registering, parents/guardians will be asked to create an online account in our new registration software. More details about this and how the registration process will flow will be sent out as registration day approaches.
  • We run all our camps completely fee-free so that everyone can have the opportunity to come to camp. We will not be asking for a registration deposits this summer.
  • Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp is funded entirely by donations and staffed by volunteers: parents and people who want to encourage and participate in our camp. If you are interested in being a part of what we are doing here, you can volunteer, or contribute financially. Learn about Volunteering HERE and Donating HERE
  • Since we will not have registration deposits, the spending money each camper has for the tuck shop will be up to the parent’s discretion. This can be deposited into the tuck shop on their behalf the first day of camp when signing in. We will be providing you with further details about this as summer camp approaches.    
  • Since we generally contact people via mass emailing, please make sure our email address ( is saved to your contact list or address book so that messages from us end up in your inbox instead of junk/bulk mail folders.  

Keep an eye on your inbox for more registration details in the following week, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me (Stephanie Brouwer) at the camp office (403-563-5120) or by email at

In the meantime, check out our great summer camp options for 2018 listed below or on our website!

Stephanie Brouwer


Overview of Summer Camps:

Junior Camper Options (for those born in 2009-2006)

Intermediate Camper Options (those born in 2006-2004)

Senior Camper Options (those born in 2004-2000)

Special Outtrip Programs (varying age groups)

  • SWOT (June 8 - 11) *women ages 40+
  • FASO (June 15 - 18) *fathers & sons
  • AGOT (July 8 - 17) *young women ages 16-25
  • ABOT (July 19 - 28) *young men ages 16-25

Family Camp Program (all ages)

Keenagers Camp (ages 50+)

Feb 21, 2018 By Stephanie