2024 Registration and Referral Process

The year has turned, 2024 is here. Even though the Lake is still frozen and the sun only reaches the lodge at 2pm (check accuracy of this statement), we are already thinking about summer 2024 when campers and staff will arrive to experience Deep, Integrated, Life-giving, Community at Crow. 

With an eye to summer 2024 we wanted to update you on the Registration and Referral Process. 

Most of our registration is just done on a "first come, first served" basis. Register for an account at this link here, and in March 2024, request a place for your camper. Those slots fill up fast (within minutes) but if you are on the ball, and you plan ahead, you can get your kids signed up this way.

There are two other ways that kids can be registered for camp:

  1. Volunteer: If you volunteer for a role at camp, that enables kids to come. For instance, if a volunteer commits to be a cabin leader, we can host 5-6 kids! We encourage volunteering, by making sure that the children of volunteers are assured a spot at camp. If you want to volunteer, email Wil at volunteer@crowcamp.ca 

  2. Referral: If you get a referral from your church, or another community group, we will register you for camp. We are encouraging referrals because: 

    • Some families don't know that their kid could come to camp, or don't know how to navigate the registration process. Referrals give churches and community groups a way to tell us about kids who would benefit from a week at camp, so that those kids don't miss out just because their parents aren't aware, or aren't getting them registered.

    • We really value the work that churches and community groups do, and we want to work with them. We want to contribute to the work already underway at churches and community groups, by helping their kids get out for a week of camp.

    • Our intention is to connect with your Church or Community, and talk to them, before we accept your application to come to camp. They'll need to fill out a form or write us a letter on your behalf. If you are not connected to a church or community group, email us - david@crowcamp.ca - and we can help with that.

    • You can provide the contact at your Church or Community group with this link (Referral Link). They will need some information from you: The camper’s full name, which camp you are asking to be referred to (Check out the 2024 schedule), and parent/guardian name and contact info, so we can get them registered.

Jan 9, 2024 By David Graham