Crow is a surprising place.

It seems like every month, we spend more money than we bring in. It seems that way, and then you look at the monthly records, and... yep, something like 9 months out of every year, the expenses are higher than the income. In December, we usually generate a surplus, and sometimes in June and September there is a surplus, too. But for most of the year, we are "noses just above the water," and often "just below."

These past few years have been particularly strained, even by the standards of Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp. Covid was a burden (people don't think to donate when there are no camp programs) and water treatment was horrifyingly expensive. But there were also some joyful expenses: parental leave in consexutive years for Daniel, Stephanie and William! A renovation at the Cozy Nest Cabins.

In sum: over the past few years, our monthly expenses averaged about $45,000, and our commited, fixed monthly donations were around $9,000. That means that every month we are hunting through the couch cushions for about $35,000.

On the one hand, it is incredibly empowering to see what feels like a miracle happen, month after month, every month, for years. On the other hand, it is stressful, and if a fellow wanted to keep himself up at night worrying about money, well... he'd certainly have cause. It's stressful, that's what I am saying.

That's why I was thrilled to receive a generous offer from one of our donors, who believes in the power of sustained support. Our donor's pledge: For every new monthly commitment made in May & June 2024, they've agreed to match it, effectively doubling your impact! Their commitment of $10,000 means that your monthly donation will go twice as far in supporting our mission. Monthly support makes a difference in Crow's ability to complete our mission: discipleship and evangelism in a camp setting.

This is your invitation to join us, with a temporary boost, amplifying your contribution and create lasting change!

Apr 28, 2024 By David Graham