During the summer of 2020, Daniel Vanderpyl plans to take a Sabbatical, and that's great... but does leave a gap. 

But good news! In Daniel's absence, Stephanie Brouwer will serve as Director of Outdoor Programs - which is great... but it does leave a different gap: Stephanie is currently looking after the Office Administration/Registrar roles at Crow. This means (primarily) payin' bills; handlin' accounts payable; and registerin' kids for camp. Perhaps that is a job you would be interested to fill! If you are interested, please send a covering letter and a resume to david@crowcamp.ca 

Please Note: This is currently listed as a temporary Full-Time Position from mid-January 2020 to mid-October 2020, though there is some possibility that the position could be made permanent.

Please Note: The position as advertised covers both Office Administration & Registrar roles. However, we are open to two part-time positions, instead of one full-time position. 

The job description is below. If you would be interested in applying, or even learning more, please feel free to call David in the camp office.

**Note: 10 January 2019 - We are no longer accepting applications for this post.**


PO Box 250, Coleman, Alberta – Tel: 403-563-5120- Email: info@crowcamp.ca


Position: Office Administrator

Reporting To: Director of Camping

Work Centre: Coleman, Alberta (Canadian Rockies)

Hours: Full Time; Parental Leave Coverage (~9 month term; January - October 2020)

Start Date: January 15, 2020... or so

Remuneration: Salary or Hourly at $17.00/hr; negotiable


Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp Association is an autonomous, evangelical, faith ministry dedicated to bringing glory to God by responding to the needs of the whole person according to the Biblical principles of evangelism and discipleship through offering programs in a camp setting.


 The Office Administrator is responsible for overseeing, coordinating, and completing all administrative functions for all of Crow’s sites (including the Lake Site and Mountain Site). This especially means looking after banking & payroll, as well as overseeing camp registration. The successful candidate must believe in the core values of Crowsnest Lake Camp, demonstrated on a daily basis through servanthood to Jesus, CLBC Campers, Co-workers and Leadership.

The Office Administrator is expected to handle financial and banking duties; welcoming visitors to camp (in person, by email and telephone) and manage data and record keeping related to finances, taxes, and donors, while reporting to the Director of Camping. The successful candidate will also work in conjunction with members of the Finance Committee in January to set up and transfer data from our current Sage Accounting Software to our new QuickBooks Accounting software.  The Office Administrator is also responsible for overseeing, coordinating, and completing all camp registration functions for all of Crow’s sites (including the Lake Site and Mountain Site). The Registrar is expected to handle all camper registration duties; welcoming parents and campers to camp (in person, by email and telephone) and manage data and record keeping related to campers, while reporting to the Director of Camping. 

The Office Administrator shall seek to be an integral part of the larger team, and further, will be expected to take part in the expression of their faith to our campers and staff. 


Personal Capacities

  • Ability to demonstrate Christian beliefs to campers through sharing your testimony and the gospel

  • Active participant in a local church

  • High level of personal integrity, especially as it relates to finances

  • Meticulous attention to detail, and strong organizational skills

  • Mature, capable, and competent person able to encourage co-workers, staff, and campers

  • Respect for the natural & rustic setting of Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp 

  • Excellent work habits including: punctuality, efficient use of time, prioritizing tasks; ability to work independently to maintain data according to standards 

  • Proven to be wise in decision-making, & professional and responsible in dealing with people 

  • Good character, as outlined in Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp Code of Conduct 

  • Clean criminal background and clean driving record;

  • Desire to work in a camp community, with high time demands in the summer camping season

Knowledge and Skills 

  • Administrative and Office Management abilities on site in our camp office

  • Bachelor’s Degree, or equivalent training/experience that is relevant.

  • Current basic First Aid course or equivalent training. 

  • Class 5 driver’s license or higher

  • A high level of competence in administrative & bookkeeping tasks; and with relevant accounting software tools (QuickBooks and Sage). As well as database management; excel; e-blast software, and email

  • Significant financial management skills, in order to manage budgets, track expenses, and supervise financial record-keeping and reporting, in conjunction with the Camp Board Treasurer and Finance Committee

  • Demonstrated financial competence (value for money and careful decision-making), and stewardship of other resources God has provided to Crow (people, buildings, and equipment)

  • Knowledge of and compliance with administrative best practice, especially concerning data integrity and management



  • The successful candidate will be the primary contact for visitors and guests at Crowsnest Lake Bible. The Office Administrator is responsible for:

    • Ensuring a welcome for visitors, contractors, and guests who stop by the office

    • Ensuring that incoming emails to info@crowcamp.ca are appropriately handled  

    • Answering the phone when in office, and ensuring prompt management of voicemails when out of office

  • Managing Crow’s Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems, currently with Campwise and Breeze:

    • Ensure that all contact information for campers and families are current (where possible)
    • Curating and managing e-mail outreach lists for registration notices

    • Oversee and manage all administrative processes connected to camper registrations for both Lake Site and Mountain Site, as well as special outtrip programs; Winter Camp; Reunions; and any other Crow program: 

    • Data collection, integrity, and security for registrations 

    • Sort campers into camps

    • Send acceptance and waiting list notices

    • Curating and managing e-mail outreach lists for camp notices and newsletters

    • Manage Donor details and related data

  • Maintain accurate camp information on the camp website, (especially the “Donate” and “About” tabs)

  • Manage the financial portion of deep storage according to Crow policy, best practices for charitable organizations, and governmental requirements (for instance, shredding documents that do not need to be kept past seven years)

  • Manage pick up and sorting of all the mail

  • Keep calendar up to date for others in the office

  • Oversight of Banking/Money:

    • Pay bills

    • Payroll

    • Data entry of all bills and remittances, and disbursements of all kinds

    • Expense Reports

    • Reporting of financial details to the finance committee chair on a monthly basis and as required

    • Banking and Deposits

    • Tax receipts for donations and gift-in-kinds

    • T4’s and T4a’s

    • Other tax forms

  • Track donations, and oversee the distribution of thank you cards to individual donors, churches or charities

  • Manage relationships with non-maintenance/non-kitchen related vendors and pay all bills

  • Ensure the creation and maintenance of an attractive, safe, and functional physical space in the office 

  • Supervise and coordinate volunteers assisting with administrative tasks 

  • Order promotional and office materials & supplies as needed, within budget or with approval of the director of camping, ensuring timely arrival of materials.

  • Help to facilitate Keenagers Registration in conjunction with their organizing committee

  • Oversee creation and distribution of administrative reporting for all camps (including: camper lists; nurse’s lists; cabin groups; food allergies, etc..)

  • Assign or manage registration on the first day of each camp, and coordinate and manage the pick-up procedure on the last day of each camp.

  • Manage follow-up postcards

  • Maintain accurate camp information on the camp website, specifically the Registration tab

  • Manage the registration portion of deep storage according to Crow policy, best practices for charitable organizations, and governmental requirements (for instance, shredding documents that do not need to be kept past seven years)

These are not the only duties to be performed. Some duties may be reassigned and other duties may be assigned as required.

Communication with Board and Full Time Staff

  • Work in conjunction with the Director of Camping in regards to budget, major administrative needs, vision, and goals.

  • Write a report prior to each board meeting and send it to the Director of Camping.

  • Be intentional about building relationships and communication with the staff team:

    • Work in conjunction with the Kitchen Administrator regarding management of all kitchen-related vendors and payments

    • Work in Conjunction with Facilities Manager regarding management of all facilities-related vendors and payments

    • Work in conjunction with the Rental Coordinator regarding incoming rental mail and payments

    • Work in conjunction with the Volunteer Coordinator regarding supervision and recruitment of volunteers, especially volunteers in administrative roles.

    • Work in conjunction with the Director of Camping to:

      • Participate as directed in fundraising, and

      • Maintain an active & healthy family and spiritual life, with a sensible balance between work and life, even and especially during the summer.


  • Maintain an assessment in regards to data security for all personal data 

  • Follow and disseminates all safety rules and regulations in order to minimize risk and enhance the safety of employees and visitors;

  • Reports safety conditions, security issues, and illegal activities to Director of Camping

Volunteer Staff Relations

  • Confront staff when they are in conflict with camp policy.

  • Encourage and meet with staff regularly, and provide mentoring and support to all administration-related volunteers

  • Work with different age and skill levels

Camp Policy

  • Be familiar with CLBC's policy and ACA standards.

Dec 29, 2019 By David Graham