Winter Camp Update...

I am lactose intolerant. 


Yet I love milk. 


Unsurprisingly this has caused some grief in my personal life. One day, after drinking a glass of milk, I asked my partner Josh, “Hey, when you drink milk does it hurt so bad you can’t stand up?” He said that wasn’t normal in any way. 


This moment launched me into a complete pivot of drinking habits. I bought some almond milk. I hated it. I bought some soy milk, even worse. I bought some cashew milk, not too bad but not milk. I bought some oat milk, if the word ‘meh’ was a drink it would be oat milk. 


Nothing compared to milk. I had been drinking it my whole life. It was comfortable and normal and I knew what to expect. I knew how long it took for things to turn bad and I knew that if I mixed it with certain things it would curdle. I knew my way. 


I had to take the time so shift my perspective. I couldn’t try to recreate milk. I couldn’t make this new thing the same as the old thing. That would be impossible and only make me more sad and more hurt. It wouldn’t serve me well. 


So I stopped looking for Milk and when I did that I could embrace Oat Milk. In fact I now prefer it. It’s delicious. It's got good texture. I have a favourite brand and I know where it is in my grocery store. I know how to make a latte with it. I am comfortable with it. I know my way.


This, of course, is both a metaphor and a real story. 


Everyone was thrown into a new world and we had to learn how to float. We couldn’t and can’t recreate the year of 2019. 


Summer 2020 was our first attempt at figuring out what we would replace milk with. Camp still happened; it just tasted, felt, and functioned differently then it has happened in the past. We know how to run a good summer camp, by God’s grace, we were able to run an Oat Milk Summer. 


Now it’s winter camp time. A time of reconnection and fun, we rekindle summer romances and see our old pals. It shouldn’t surprise you that we aren’t doing a ‘normal winter camp’. That a gathering of our friends from all over the province to share a meal together in the lodge isn’t safe right now. The winter camp we know, the cow milk version is impossible. 


But that doesn’t rule out Oat Milk Winter Camp. 


Oat Milk Winter Camp is going to be a virtual event run over the days we traditionally have run winter camp. We will not be gathered around a warm fire but we can gather around a warm laptop and share glad tidings of joy! 

Keep an eye out on the Blog, Facebook, and Instagram for more information! If you have any questions or concerns send an email to


-Bronwyn Cassley Schulz 

Dec 9, 2020 By Sarah The Intern