Well... we are off to a roaring start to the 2016 camp season. 

     Junior 1 at the Lake is hosting 77 campers for Super Mario camp. Sabrina Putman and Bridgett Morten are the program directors and Austin Logue is our speaker thia week. All are doing a bang up job so far, and today the kids are headed out on their outtrips overnight.

     Mountain Junior has satarted at the McGillivray Mountain Site, and we have 28 campers up there enjoying Medieval Camp. Andrew Legg is the speaker up there this week but is being covered on the job by his brother Jonathan since Andrew's wife Francisca just had a baby. We are expecting Andrew up there to finish out the week though, and then he will be back for other camps this summer. Lloy Legg is the program director this week, and doing a wonderful job of it, and that is no surprise. 

      Please be in prayer with us as we move along with camps this summer, that we would be able to reach kids with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Also pray for some rain as we are under a fire advisory and would really like to not have a fire ban this summer. 

     Pray also for water at the McGillivray site. There have been some issues with the pump up there and we may have to start hauling water from here. 

Praise to the King of Kings that we are still here after 60 years!

Blessings friends!


Jul 3, 2016 By David Graham