I have surfed in Tofino. That isn’t related, really, to this week’s Covid Blog. I just wanted to take this opportunity to brag. Thanks for indulging me. 

Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp has had a few long standing acronyms. You got your leadership program acronyms: COLTS and PIT. We’ve got some older acronyms that have fallen out of style like CRAFTS (Crazy Awesome Fun Times Screaming.)


We also acronyms for more important things: PEICCing for instance. People Encouraging and Influencing Christlikeness and COMITY.


That’s right: PEICCing itself imbeds an acronym within an acronym. 


COMITY: Consider Others More Important Than Yourself. 


You probably already know that Rea Bryant didn’t invent this phrase, but for 6 year old Bronwyn that was a revelation. You’ll find it in Philippians 2:3. Go read it yourself, I’ll give you a moment. No really, don’t just trust me! Crack open ye olde good book, or click on ye olde hyperlink, and give ‘er a read! 


When I tried surfing for the first time and it was overwhelming. To catch a wave and to stand on the board was hard enough but the worst bit was getting out there. The ocean is relentless. It's got those crashing waves that will pummel you, pick you up, and throw you around. To get over those waves, with a surfboard, is hard work. But the reward of turning around and catching the swell is wildly exciting. 


Covid regulations have felt like trying to get out to surf. There is a moment of peace then a smashing wave, and then you feel good about sitting on your board but the swell was WAY bigger than you thought and you get slammed back down. Sometimes you get it exactly right and things are going to plan, sometimes you faceplant into the ocean. I have found it hard to get through. Who hasn’t. Even through all the waves you can still get your feet onto the ocean floor and brace yourself. 


Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp has found an ocean floor to brace ourselves against. Jesus has been and will continue to be our solid foundation.

And that has motivated each of our decisions. We are leaning on our old convictions. We will practice COMITY. Our protocols, our public and private behavior, and how we run camp will continue to reflect our concerns for others. 


Next week we will have more details on our current covid restrictions and a word about COLTS. Keep an eye out for that!

Apr 27, 2021 By Bronwyn