Mountain Site

EST. 2004

Our Mountain Site is located in the Rockies near the base of Crowsnest Mountain.

Mountain Site

This site is located by McGillivray Creek at the base of Crowsnest Mountain and runs seven camps each summer. This site offers camps with smaller camp sizes in a simple outdoor setting, where campers sleep in rustic cabins and eat their meals under a big covered deck.

This site runs both co-ed and all-girls/all-boys camps. Mountain Junior 1 and 2 (ages 9-11), Mountain Intermediate (ages 12-13) and Mountain Senior (ages 14-17) are all co-ed camps. While Mountain Boys (ages 11-13) is an all-boys camp, and Mountain Girls (ages 11-13) is an all-girls camp. 

This site also runs a Mountain Bike and Rock Climbing camp. Both of these camps are co-ed and for Senior campers (ages 14-17).

All of the Mountain Site camps have a slightly smaller feel with only 30 campers.



Mountain Junior 1
Co-ed, ages 9 - 11
Jun 27 to Jul 2
Mountain Intermediate
Co-ed, ages 12 & 13
Jul 4 to Jul 9
Mountain Girls
Girls, ages 12 - 13
Jul 13 to Jul 18
Mountain Junior 3
Co-ed, ages 9-11
Jul 21 to Jul 26
Mountain Bike/Rock Climbing Camp
Co-ed, ages 14 - 17
Jul 29 to Aug 4
Mountain Junior 2
Co-ed, ages 9-11
Aug 8 to Aug 13
Mountain Boys
Boys, ages 12 - 13
Aug 16 to Aug 21
Mountain Senior
Co-ed, ages 14 - 17
Aug 24 to Aug 30
Family Camp
All ages
Sep 4 to Sep 7