The goal of the bursary program is to ease financial burdens (usually, but not limited to, the cost of post-secondary education) and remove monetary barriers to discipleship at Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp. If you are meant to be a part of what God is doing at Crow through volunteering we don’t want you to be dissuaded by concerns about money.

Camp is fun. You meet new people. You do new things, and develop new skills. You get to see God-type stuff (miracles and mountains!) all the time. You might get to capture the flag. Rock skipping, taco night, sleeping under the stars, My Aunt Hoovah. Camp is similar to other places, but much much better.

But sometimes, adult problems step on your toes and whisper in your ear "You can't go to camp any more. You're too old. You're too busy. You're too broke. Don't go."

It isn't true.

The Crow Bursary will send you money - real $$$ - so that YOU CAN COME TO CAMP.

Fill out our Bursary Form, right now. The Bursary provides up to $2500 (or even more!) for eligible applicants.

Complete your application before May 1st. 

For any questions that arise email David Graham, or call the camp office 403 563 5120.

Apr 4, 2019 By Danika