It is widely known - Crow is a great spot! A lot of people want to come share it with us, and we like to have them here.


During the summer, they come for camp.


In the off-season, they mostly come for weddings, but also for all kinds of other things, too: like Retreats; Bible Quizzing Tournaments; and Outdoor Education.


It’s good to have a rental program, for a bunch of reasons:

  • We can use it as a way to stay in touch with people we love - like, for instance, when Emma K comes back to lead an Outtrip for the Mount Carmel kids

  • We can use it as a way to meet new people - without rentals, we never would have met Adam Driscol (speaker at Junior 2), and who, in turn introduced us to Aunt Hovah and all her Chickens!

  • We can… potentially… use rentals as a way to help fund the stuff that we really want to do: our primary mission - “evangelism & discipleship in a camp setting” - and do that well, and do it for free, the way we always have.


We think that rentals has a lot of potential. We want the rental program to be more than an afterthought. Renting our space could be a tremendous way for us to share something good with the community that we live in, and to do something positive with what God has given us. It’s a win-win, all-around, to take a hard look at rentals, and see what we can do better, and differently, to get more good out of what we have been given.


The problem is - that’s a big job, and everyone working at camp already has a big job.


Which brings us to Michael Algra. Michael is a known winner, and a long-time Crow guy. Michael did COLTS in 2009, and finished his Masters in Business Administration at Harvard Business School (near Boston) in 2018. Michael is currently working as a business consultant for McKinsey in Calgary - his expertise is solving problems, and coordinating information to get results.

The problem is - Michael already has a big job, too.


Which brings us to YOU! Our plan for re-imagining rentals is that people just like you - whether young, or old; regardless of if you already have skill in business decision-making or are just starting out - would work with Michael to pull together a renovation of our rental program. This will involve research, and marketing; it will involve talking to people in the community, and further away. It will be a way that you can learn something new, while also enriching camp, and making this place more sustainable for future generations.


If this project sounds like something you - or someone you know - would like to do, then head on over to our Application Form, HERE, and fill that thing out! We’d love to start working with you to get our rental program spic ‘n span for Autumn.


And everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from him to whom much has been committed, more will they ask of him. ~ Luke 12:48

Apr 4, 2019 By David Graham