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**This Posting will remain open until Friday, 20 September 2019** 


Position: Volunteer Administrator

Reporting To: Director of Camping

Work Centre: Remote/Telecommute; and on-site at CLBC Lake Site

Start Date: 7 October 2019 or as soon as possible

Hours: Permanent Part-Time (~10-12 hours/week; seasonal peak in May-September) 

Remuneration: Negotiable Salary


Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp (Crow) is a ministry that works. 

For more than 60 years, Crow has invited people to apprentice themselves to Jesus, and to learn to walk as Jesus did. We are a professional and accomplished organization; we are confident in our theory and approach to Christian camping. 

We are good at summer camp.  

The successful candidate will join a staff team that cares about each other and cares about kids, and responding to their needs of heart, soul, mind and body. If you aren’t already, you will immediately become part of a large and distinguished Crow family that cares about this camp and its place in God’s Kingdom, and is dedicated to bringing glory to God. 

You can read our Mission Statement here (if you’re into that sort of thing).


Every summer, Crow relies on several hundred volunteers. The Volunteer administrator is the primary record keeper contact for all volunteers.

Each one of those volunteers fills in an online application through CampWise, our software provider. The Volunteer Administrator is responsible for coordinating the screening of each volunteer ensuring that Crow stays up to date on local, provincial, and federal regulations, and best practices for the management of volunteers working with children. This usually involves:

  • Reviewing references for each volunteer candidate (by phone or email)

  • Interviewing each volunteer candidate directly (usually by phone, or by email in some cases)

  • Filing criminal record and vulnerable sector checks as required for each candidate

This is a technical job for someone with strong information management skills, such as:

  • maintaining volunteer Human Resource files;

  • tracking and recording interview notes, 

  • receipt and storage of police record check;

  • annually updating the volunteer application

  • tracking recruitment progress for the wider Crow community through the website.

Relevant supports will also include on-site training, and ensuring a welcome for new and returning volunteers. 

You don’t have to do it all yourself! A lot of the job requires thoughtfully leveraging other people (board members, and other interested parties) to ensure that applicants know their roles at camp. 

The Volunteer Administrator reports to the Director of Camping. Although this position may be managed remotely or through telework, the VRC is expected to form an integral part of the larger permanent staff team. 


Above all things, the successful candidate must be committed to modelling and living out a practice of discipleship and evangelism. At Crow, we aspire to servant-leadership, which entails service to Jesus as God, campers, co-workers and other leaders, and living humbly: considering others more important than yourself. If you can see yourself in our code of conduct (here) and our mission statement (here) and core beliefs (here) you should consider applying.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree, or equivalent training/experience that is relevant.

  • Current basic (or higher) First Aid course. 

  • Experience leading teams, delegating tasks, and managing volunteers, and other team/staff members. 

  • Class 4 driver’s license or higher... or willingness to get this license

Personal Capacities

  • Fluency, comfort, and ability to communicate the gospel

  • Excellent network and network development capacity within Southern Alberta and BC local churches.

  • Proven ability to delegate in order to manage a large project or workload 

  • Excellent administrative and information management skills

  • Teamwork and cooperation within a diverse team:

    • Prioritizes unity within the Crow team (including permanent & volunteer staff)

    • Encourages respect, sensitivity and understanding for individuals and their differences 

  • As this is potentially a telework/remote work opportunity, reliability is essential:

    • punctuality; efficient use of time; prioritizing tasks; ability to work independently

  • Proven to be wise in decision-making, & professional and responsible in dealing with people 

  • Good character, as outlined in Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp Code of Conduct 

  • Clean criminal background and clean driving record;

  • Desire to work & live in a camp community, with high time demands in peak recruitment season (May/June & Summer)


The Volunteer management process at Crow is divided into three parts:

  1. Recruitment

  2. Training

  3. Administration and Screening

The expectation is that each of the roles will support and help to manage the workload of the others, as each job requires knowledge and guidance from the other two. Cross-training and working together will be essential for the success of each position related to volunteer management. Together, the volunteer management team set the tone  and contribute to the culture of camp as a whole, by supporting the volunteers throughout the year, staying in touch and building lasting relationships with campers and volunteers, with an especial focus on summer support and pastoral-type care.


  • Volunteer Screening: Calling references and applicants to discuss their roles at camp, or delegating these interviews; managing police record check receipt and storage; ensuring that Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp stays up to date on local, provincial, and federal regulations and best practices for recrods management of volunteers working with children

  • Administrative Responsibilities connected to processing volunteer applications, including: maintaining volunteer records; organizing files; communicating with volunteers, updating manuals for volunteers, yearly updating application, updating the website,  etc

These are not the only duties to be performed. Some duties may be reassigned and other duties may be assigned as required.

Communication with Board and Full Time Staff

  • Work in conjunction with the Director of Camping in regards to budget, major program and training needs, vision, and goals.

  • Leverage board members and interested volunteers to ensure that all candidates are properly screened and accurate records are kept for each summer staff person

  • Write a report prior to each board meeting and send it to the Director of Camping.

  • Be intentional about building relationships and communication with the other full time staff:

    • Works very closely with the volunteer relations coordinator on volunteer application forms, and outstanding camp recruitment needs, and identifying potential staffing gaps

    • Works very closely with the volunteer training coordinator to assess volunteer preparedness, and to plan training sessions that are appropriate for staff needs

    • Work in conjunction with the Kitchen Administrator regarding reference checks for cooks and kitchen staff volunteers

    • Work in conjunction with the Director of Outdoor Programs regarding emergency response, especially regarding maintenance of up-to-date staff lists; as well as assisting with volunteer application processing and reference checks for Outdoor Program specific volunteers (OTDs) and  

    • Work in conjunction with the Director of Camping to:

      • Participate as directed in fundraising, and

      • Maintain a healthy family & active spiritual life, with a sensible life rhythm & prioritization


  • Ensure that all volunteers, summer staff, and overnight guests are appropriately screened (with, for instance, criminal record check; Vulnerable sector check; reference checks and intake interviews), in keeping with Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp Policy and relevant governmental regulations

  • Participate in emergency response under the direction of the Director of Outdoor Programs 

  • Follows and disseminates all safety rules and regulations in order to minimize risk and enhance the safety of employees and visitors;

  • Checks property and grounds for unsafe conditions, and clears hazards

  • Reports safety conditions, security issues (for instance, conflict with neighbours and their animals), and illegal activities to Director of Camping

Camp Policy

  • Be familiar with CLBC's policy and ACA standards.
Aug 20, 2019 By David Graham