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Position: Summer Kitchen Coordinator 

Reporting To: Director of Camping

Work Centre: On-Site

Start Date: April 22, 2022

Hours: Part-time temporary

Remuneration: To be determined based on experience/skills


Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp Association (CLBC) is an autonomous, evangelical, faith ministry dedicated to bringing glory to God by responding to the needs of the whole person according to the Biblical principles of evangelism and discipleship through offering programs in a camp setting.



The successful candidate must believe in the core values of Crowsnest Lake Camp, demonstrated on a daily basis through servanthood to Christ, CLBC Campers, Co-workers and Leadership.


The Summer Kitchens Coordinator is responsible for the management & operation of the CLBC kitchens during the summer months. This typically begins with the start of the COLTS program (April 22, 2022) and ends in late August.  You will report  to the Director of Camping. The Summer Kitchens Coordinator shall seek to be an integral part of the larger team, and especially to coordinate effectively with the Technical Kitchens Coordinator. Further, you will be expected to take part in the expression of their faith to our campers and staff. 


Your primary responsibility is ensuring the smooth operation of Crow’s kitchens for all programs during the summer, including summer camps, and rental programs. This means a wide variety of responsibilities, including:

  • Acting as a central repository of human knowledge of the kitchen, and being available (in-person, via text or email) to answer operational questions for the Technical Kitchens Coordinator., Head cooks, cook's helpers, dish pit and dining room staff. This will mean;

    • Contributing to training and orientation for kitchen crew, which will be implemented by the training coordinators at the beginning of a camp week

    • Keeping open communication with head cooks and on-site kitchen coordinator regarding grocery needs, and helping to manage kitchen appliances

  • Using prayer, wisdom, maturity (and the help from other staff, if needed) resolving conflict within kitchen crews.

  • Encouraging a spiritual element and positive attitude in the kitchen. (This is also the head cook's responsibility, but you should be involved.)

  • Managing budget for food, as well as budget for appliances and required kitchen tools

  • Ensuring prompt delivery of invoices to office administrator;

  • Contributing to the recruitment and management of kitchen staff for summer programs



  • Ability to demonstrate Christian beliefs to Campers through sharing your testimony, leading through example and establishing relationships with those we serve.

  • Food Safety Course

  • Certification in professional kitchen management, or an acceptable equivalent combination of education and experience.

  • Kitchen leadership/management experience.

  • Active member of a church.

  • A high level of competence in verbal and written communication.

  • Proven to be wise in decision making, professional & responsible in dealing with people in a rustic setting.

  • A good steward of the resources God has provided, whether they be people, equipment, or the wilderness environment itself—not only during the programs but at all times. 



  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent training/experience that is relevant.

  • 40 hour Wilderness First Aid course or equivalent training. 

  • Class 4 driver’s license or higher.




Your job will include on-site oversight of the various operations of both the Lake Site, Gladstone and the Mountain Site Kitchens.  

  • COLTS Cook for May and June. During this time, the COLTS group is in session and will need you to prepare breakfast, lunch, and supper every day. Be in communication with the Director of Outdoor Programs for any changes to the routine and/or menu

  • Training programs and/or work parties throughout the months of May and June. 

  • Breaks between camp weeks throughout the months of July and August. 

  • Ensure the on-going readiness of the kitchen. 

    • Coordinate closely, and communicate regularly (perhaps bi-weekly, or after each camp program/rental group) with the Technical kitchen and rentals administrator to outline outstanding tasks, including, for example, needs related to:

      • Cleaning, garbage disposal & recycling; 

      • Protocols for using up leftovers;

      • Laundry;

      • Equipment and tools or appliances in need of maintenance (knife sharpening)

      • All requirements related to Alberta Health Services visits.

    • Food orders: Ensure that all food is stocked for the week ahead, possibly excluding some fresh items *at both sites*. We order the bulk of our food from Sysco. Other food can be bought from other sources (ie Costco, Blairmore IGA, Save On Foods, and Overwaitea.) Coordinate to ensure food delivery to Mountainous Site and Gladstone with On Site Kitchen Coordinator (one delivery per week). Camp runs with an extensive menu, but this is balanced against our budget constraints. Given that we run on donations, being a careful & frugal steward without compromising taste is very important. 

    • Maintain inventory lists in coordination, as required, with the On-Site Kitchen Coordinator, for both Lake Site and Mountain Site. 

    • Send invoices and work with Office Administrator to ensure that payments are arranged

REMEMBER: Camp ministry doesn't stop at the kitchen door! You are a vital part of camp ministry and are playing a role that is important to the day to day operation of Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp.


Communication with Full Time Staff

  • Work in conjunction with the Director of Camping in regards to budget, major site needs (repairs), vision, and goals.

  • Write a report of each camp and send it to the Director of Camping.

  • Be intentional about building relationships and communication with the other full time staff:

    • Work in conjunction with the Technical Kitchen Administrator regarding food order receipts, inventory, and outstanding tasks to be completed;

    • Work in conjunction with the Director of Outdoor Programs regarding food preparation for COLTS, outdoor programming, and off-site excursions. Remain aware of and review emergency response requirements for kitchen staff;

    • Work in conjunction with the volunteer coordinator regarding kitchen volunteers, and especially for cooks for all programs and breaks; 

    • Work in conjunction with the Facilities Manager regarding food needs for work parties and maintenance projects, as well as scheduling regular maintenance for kitchen appliances and tools;

    • Work in conjunction with the Registrar regarding camper registration, especially as it relates to dietary needs.


  • Oversee safety and explaining emergency response practices for kitchen staff, in keeping with our Safety and Emergency Response Manual. 

  • Oversee all risk assessment in regards to the people, property and program. 



  • Communicate needs to Facilities Manager 

  • Make note of improvements required to kitchen facilities and tools


Volunteer Staff Relations.

  • Confront staff when they are in conflict with camp policy.

  • Encourage and meet with staff regularly throughout the week.


Camp Policy

  • Be familiar with CLBC's policy and ACA standards.

Apr 9, 2022 By William