Logan Schroeder...

The Logan Schroeder is a curious creature. His natural life cycle includes hatching and early development in the wide open prairies, then later in his development, Logan moves toward the mountains to find his mate, the Lanea. He loves music, mechanics, mountains and motorcycles.

The Logan has varied natural habitats, they include rocky Mountains, alpine meadows, secluded lakes, and almost anywhere one can hang up a hammock.

The Logan has very few natural predators and likes to live in peaceful cooperation with his surroundings. The Logan is generally a loud and boisterous creature that enjoys laughter very much. This causes the few predators he has to stay away most of the time.

Logan is a long time Bible Camp person who recently moved to Alberta and discovered Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp. He searched all over the continent to find the leadership training he wanted, and found COLTS to be exactly what he was looking for. It is through many divine appointments that Logan and his wife Lanea came to COLTS.

Logan looks forward to being creative and figuring out how to lead people toward Christ in these unprecedented pandemic summer conditions. And he looks forward to growing and learning to be more Christ like himself in this environment that produces many opportunities for growth.

Logan would appreciate prayer for self discipline as he figures out how to be a God honoring husband and also an outtrip director at the same time. A soft heart to follow God's direction. And for God to choose and prepare whoever comes on His outtrips this summer.

Jun 20, 2020 By David Graham