Hey! My name is Mackenzie.

I first came to camp as an intermediate camper in 2012 and loved the community and the outdoor focus. I continued to come as a camper for a few years and then came back in 2018 to cabin lead. God has impacted my life so intentionally through camp and the people here.

COLTS has always been a dream of mine, but when I found out I got in and then Covid-19 hit I honestly had super mixed feeling about doing it because it meant letting go of my expectations for what this summer at camp would be and walking into 4 months away from home in the middle of a pandemic with no idea what any of it would look like. Thankfully God’s plans are much higher than mine and He brought me here for a reason.

Something God has been teaching me during COLTS is what it truly looks like to trust him and put my confidence in him.

Something I would love prayer for is just that I would be open to God’s teaching this summer and would fully trust him in the unknown. I am so excited for the ministry opportunities that this summer holds and to see God work in the craziness to bring about his glory.

Jun 20, 2020 By David Graham