I first showed up on the scene of Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp back when I was an intermediate camper at Outcamp (Crow 2) which I went to for a few years until I was old enough to go on the AGOT. Having grown up on a farm in the prairies and getting to “go to the mountains” for family camping trips, I’ve always had a love for just being outside and exploring. I loved the “real camping” that happens here at Crow, being in the mountains, playing ridiculous games, building relationships with amazing people, being challenged to grow as a person, experiencing God in some pretty profound ways, and just walking through life with Jesus!

There are so many things to love about Crow, and so many things I love doing here! Here are a few of my favourite things:

  • Organizing things! Nicer forms, clearer information, colour coordinating things... so satisfying. 
  • Making things even more effective and efficient; I love seeing things improve!
  • Exploring the beauty of God’s creation!
  • Leading Outtrips, especially senior outtrips!
  • Seeing people grow and be challenged and succeed!
  • Cabin Leading at the Mountain Site!
  • Playing ridiculous games like “Dodo” with campers!
  • COLTS training!
  • Landscaping or renovating… I love making things look awesome!
  • Hiking basically anywhere… but especially where there are Larches growing or wild Crocuses blooming… and no ticks!
  • Singing an a cappella worship song with a group of people in rounds in a place with awesome acoustics and just getting those shivers of pure joy that I’m sure is a shadow of heaven!
  • Sitting in one of those great chairs by the lake and watching epic thunderstorms light up the night sky!
  • Chasing the Northern Lights… and actually seeing them!
  • And my favourite thing of all… is seeing people experience God here and fall in love with Jesus, nothing can beat that one!

When I first started volunteering my goal was to share all these great things I loved about this place with others. In 2013 when I did COLTS I was able to expand that into leading outtrips, which is definitely one of my all time favourite things to do. I volunteered in some form for 10 years before eventually joining the full time staff team in the winter of 2016 as the Registrar/Office Administrator. 

Now in 2020 I have transitioned into the role of Director of Outdoor Programs while Daniel is off on Sabbatical and paternity leave. This mean that I am heading up the Crowsnest Outdoor Leadership Training School (COLTS) this year, as well as overseeing camp’s emergency response and all our outdoor programs. I am very excited for all the amazing opportunities and challenges that come with this year. I’ve always loved the outdoors and how that fits into ministry and just the incredible opportunities it creates to hear and experience God in such a deep way. I love how camp uses this incredible outdoor setting we have to point others to the amazing Creator behind it all, and I’m so excited to be a part of that in such a deep way this year through serving as the Director of Outdoor Programs. Working at camp isn’t easy work, but it certainly is good work. I love being a part of all the incredible work that God is doing in people’s lives through this place and beyond. Please be praying for me this summer as I lead and serve in this role. My desire is that in the midst of all the busy and crazy and changes that God's peace and strength will sustain and carry me through, that I will rest in Him and His grace. We all covet your prayers for us!

Jun 23, 2020 By David Graham