Yin did COLTS back in 1990, and obviously had a lot more to learn, so lately the kind people at Crow have been letting her come back to do COLTS again -- ostensibly to instruct, but actually to learn more, as she follows the COLTS around in the wilderness and watches God teaching them. She is grateful to have a job that gives her a bit of vacation time every year so she can do this, and in summer 2020 she has had to work remotely anyway; so, after sharing soggy weather and campfire smoke with the COLTS for a couple of months, she's working remotely from a little cabin at Crow and continuing to watch God pour his glory through the COLTS.

At this point in the summer, she is mostly excited to see how God will lead this year's COLTS crew on to great adventures. She is thankful that we follow a God who specialises in adventure, in the best senses of the word.

If you're praying for her, please know that with where God has put her, and in all that he has given her, she is utterly content. But she always needs more wisdom. Lately she has been learning (with some setbacks) how to apply what she knows about pacing on the trail to many other areas of life (Galatians 5.25). When you realise you have eternity, and all the infinite riches of Christ, it does affect your pacing somewhat.

So far her favourite Profound Thought this summer is from Stephanie Brouwer: "God loves to do impossible things through weak people." So he does.

Oct 5, 2020 By Sarah The Intern