Dear Friends,


As I write this, it’s 27 degrees at 9 PM in Singapore, and hovering just above freezing at dawn in the Crowsnest Pass. Somewhat grimly, Nathan predicts that when my family and I arrive at camp in six weeks, there will still be snow.


And yet… and yet…


We’re excited.


Excited to pack. Excited to leave our Singapore home. Excited to spend 24 straight hours in economy class seats and airports. Excited even in spite of friends we love, who we will leave behind. We’re excited, because when the board offered a job at Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp, it seemed good to us and to the Holy Spirit. It seemed good, and so we accepted.


There is so much that is good about Crow; so much that is special. The programs, the volunteers, the supporters, the staff, the kids… we are honoured to be involved in the work that God is already doing at camp.


And there is plenty to be done. I see some of the contours of the job ahead forming already, even before we have arrived. Communication, finances, volunteers, fundraising… It feels like a lot, but looking back over past job experiences, with the Boys and Girls club in the ‘Pass, in government, and financial services, it does seem like God has been making me ready for something. And maybe even for such a time as this...


We’re looking forward to seeing you in person, to meeting - maybe for the first time, or for the first time in many years. Looking forward to scheming, and planning… and getting started on what comes next at CLBC.


With love,

David and Kathryn

Sam, Abbot, and Finn


We are always thankful as we pray for you all, for we never forget that your faith has meant solid achievement, your love has meant hard work, and the hope that you have in our Lord Jesus Christ means sheer dogged endurance in the life that you live before God, the Father of us all.


I Thess 1: 2-3 

Mar 23, 2017 By Daniel