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The time has come for Crow to redesign our registration process. In fact, we’ve already started. 

We want to be sure that everybody has a chance to come to camp. Right now, getting registered at Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp requires special knowledge, fast internet, and good planning. Even then, your child may not secure a place at camp. Crow is very popular: last summer, we hosted 664 children in our summer programs - more than ever before. But 1,085 kids applied. Many kids don’t get in. And this doesn’t include anyone who doesn’t know that they could register at Crow (we don’t do any marketing), or has given up trying to register.

The Solution 

There really isn’t an easy answer, because ultimately, we don’t have space for everyone. Unfortunately, every summer, some kids will miss out on coming to camp. 

Every year, about 20% of the kids who come to camp are drawn off the waitlist, beginning in June. As a first step, this summer, we are going to change the way we use the waitlist. Previously, acceptance from the waitlist was done strictly on a First Come, First Served basis, according to time of registration. We’re still going to use First Come, First Served, but we will also use some other mechanisms to fill the last available camp spaces:

  • Lottery - random draw, regardless of the time when registration forms were received; 
  • Children of Volunteers - publicize volunteer access (parents or guardians who are selected as volunteers in an essential program role also have assured enrollment for their campers);
  • Nomination - The Programs Committee, and Camp Staff will directly assign some camp enrollments to nominated children. This way, kids who need to come to camp can indeed come to camp. Request Crow’s Church Camper Nomination Form from Bronwyn;
  • Church and Community Partnership - Through the nomination process, families and churches will have the opportunity to contribute to a camper’s successful enrollment.

Call to Action

  • It isn’t too late to register for camp - any kid who is registered before 1 June will have a chance of getting into camp. 
  • Consider volunteering. Children of essential volunteers will be given a place at camp. Get in touch with Wil at to discuss the options. 
  • Kids on waitlists can improve their chances of enrollment by working with a local church. Ask your church to get in touch with us to access Crow’s Church Camper Nomination Form.
  • If you are curious to learn more about how or why we are making changes, check out our video explanation on YouTube.
  • Click through our Registration Process Survey.

If you have comments, questions, concerns, or if you would like to contribute to our mission, with ideas, with funds, or directly as a volunteer… that is great! You Are Welcome at Crow. 

In Christ,


Mar 30, 2020 By David Graham