Latest Weekly Update

Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp is committed to keeping parents, campers, volunteers, donors, and friends up-to-date on our thinking and plans for summer, and how those plans may be influenced by Covid-19.

This page will be updated throughout the Spring and Summer as new information becomes available. This is the space we have created for brainstorming, and for ensuring that we are thinking carefully about our options, and sharing those thoughts with the wider community.

Crow Standard Covid Pro Viso

Until further notice, Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp schedules and programs operate on a three-week time horizon. In our experience, given the fast-moving nature of this pandemic, Covid restrictions may not be predictable for deadlines further than three-weeks down the road. Where possible, we will make plans in advance, and share dates and times with as much notice as possible. 

However, those plans are considered tentative: cancellation or operation of camps (and other programs) may be announced up to three weeks’ in advance of the date, depending on newest and best guidance from relevant authorities. We have released The Plan for the Summer of 2021. Please know that The Plan is our best-case scenario, and our earnest hope, but we are holding The Plan with an open hand, knowing that:


We can make many plans, but the LORD’s purpose will prevail. ~ Proverbs 16:9


In addition to our commitment to providing regular informational updates, we also commit to: 

  • Submitting to the authority of God;
  • Abiding by Public Health Guidelines;
  • Safety and professionalism as priorities for all programs, as related to Covid-19 and otherwise

Historical Covid Update Archive:



Mar 26, 2021 By David Graham