There is something funny about the role of Covid Communicator. I want it to end. This is so different from any other role I’ve filled at camp. Usually I work my way through a week of out trip directing and leave wanting more. 


Covid communication, as I am sure you have imagined, is a job with an expiry date. A highly anticipated and sought after expiry date. Today I have several important things to do. I am reviewing the current Alberta restrictions with an eye to ease some of our own regulations. I am checking in with my co conspirators here at camp and ensuring we are all on the same page. Most importantly I am looking forward to a summer of easing restrictions and good times. 


While Alberta is opening up I think it would be silly to pretend that Covid-19 will not have lasting effects on us all. With that in mind we are moving forward with two main concerns, besides the obvious one of adhering to all government sanctions. 


Our first concern is mental health. Undeniably these past 17 months have been a hard time and many people have felt the effects and strain. With that in mind we want to be intentional about taking care of each other and ourselves. This is on the forefront of my mind with each difficult decision the team has made this season. Be praying for us, be praying for the staff that are coming to serve this summer, be praying for the campers! 


Our second is any kind of sickness/exhaustion. After a year of wearing masks, reducing contact with others, and vigorous hand washing our immune systems are going to need some time to get used to being around so many people and their germs again. We will be encouraging rest, enforcing hand washing, and giving grace to ourselves and those around us when we need to take time to get healthy. While covid moves further and further back into our rear view mirror the common cold, stomach flu, and all the other common camp ailments are still out there and we want to keep our people healthy. 


Registration opened this week for Gladstone! So many exciting things are happening and we feel the spirit moving! I can’t wait to see your faces and to hear your voices and to sit down and eat a meal with you all! Most of all I can not wait to be done communicating about covid. 




The Covid Communicator


Jun 17, 2021 By Bronwyn