It’s Monday again folks. The COLTS are scurrying all over Lake Site completing their final exam. It’s an exciting time for them. They have all worked hard in the last two months to build up the skills they need for today. I am sure they are each succeeding and exceeding expectations. I can’t wait to celebrate with them.


I am similarly excited about all the work we have done in the last couple months. Camp has remained steadfast in our approach to the evolving Covid situation, and as we are hurtling towards a complete reopening on July 1st, we remain diligent. 


“Today is the day that the lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it” 


You wanna know what else exciting is happening at camp? Senior Women's Out Trip, hereafter referred to as SWOT,  just returned from their out trip! Last year it was unable to run, due to covid, so I am beyond stoked that it was able to run this year. It feels like a real marker of success and a turning point. The ladies had a great time and I was stoked to be able to visit them at Andy Good falls and spend a few, physically distanced, moments with them. 


For the first time in a long time I am feeling hopeful. This is a good feeling! It is easy to rejoice today! Sometimes I feel like I need to share more of the knitty gritty of our decision making process here. I feel like people will want to know how long it took us to sift through pages and pages of regulations from the government. Figuring out which parts of camp applied to which versions of the rules and how to best implement those rules. But I don’t know how to communicate that. But I will tell you this: each one of us at CLBC are working hard for this summer to be another summer of serving our community. 


Love you all, can’t wait for July 1, see you soon. 

Jun 22, 2021 By Bronwyn