I’ve spent a lot of summers at Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp. Here’s what I have learned: if you want to sound wise, you cannot go wrong with a paradox. So, in pursuit of (the appearance of) wisdom, I offer this paradoxical observation: change is constant.  This summer has been more change than I would have liked, and certainly more than I predicted, but we’re largely settled on the plan for this summer:

  • Fulfill our mission: Discipleship and Evangelism in a camp setting 
  • Keep it simple
  • Do what we are best equipped for and what we are good at (training programs & outdoor programs)
  • Take advantage of the opportunities this time provides (e.g. projects and maintenance around camp)
  • Use our outdoor environment well
  • Be a blessing, and a positive witness in our community and beyond
  • Quality over quantity
  • Self-supported and family-centered programs

The contours of the summer program are taking shape. Thank-you to everyone who filled out our survey. (it is now closed, but if you still have ideas - please send them to david@crowcamp.ca). Our plan from here is to present a plan to the board on or around 18 June, and then publish it for all of you thereafter.

Every summer is deeply coloured by the COLTS - after all, they are the staff who commit for a full 16 weeks of volunteering. This summer, even moreso. Most days this summer, COLTS will outnumber non-COLTS! Which is really something, because COLTS are always influential - a little like yeast - even a little bit of yeast permeates every part of the dough (Matthew 13:33). Well, this year, we got a lot less dough (not a money reference, but if you want to donate, you can.) Get to know these names - they’re the yeast that will permeate through the Summer of Corvid-20

2020 COLTS Crew

2020 COLTS Instructors

  • Stephanie Brouwer (Interim Director of Outdoor Programs)
  • Yin Liu (COLTS Instructor and Assistant Director of Outdoor Programs)
Jun 9, 2020 By David Graham